Levi Johnston Slams NBC for William Shatner ‘Tonight Show’ Skit

Former Sarah Palin almost son-in-law Levi Johnston is slamming NBC over a William Shatner skit mocking him on the Tonight Show. In the Levi Johnston Twitter skit, William Shatner poetically recites inane comments allegedly made by Johnston on his Twitter feed.


Maybe I’m a genius and not even know it,” Shatner recited. “Maybe I don’t exist and it only seems like I do. Maybe this is a parallel universe where I don’t. Anybody know where I can get some good weed?

Shatner has already mocked Sarah Palin twice with similar poetic renditions of her resignation speech and posts made to her Twitter account while she was Governor of Alaska. In both those cases, it really was Palin’s words Shatner mocked. This time, however, Levi Johnston says he is not the author of the Twitter messages read by William Shatner during the skit on the Tonight Show.

Rex Butler, Levi Johnston’s lawyer, says his client is demanding a retraction from NBC. Before the skit aired, Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien said: “All real… we did not make this up.” Johnston doesn’t argue that the Twitter comments are real, but he flatly denies they were penned by him. His lawyer says the Twitter account the Tonight Show attributed to Levi Johnston – LeviJohnston05 – is not his.


Johnston’s lawyer says they are dealing with Twitter first, then they’ll be having words with NBC.

Well, real or not, we still think Shatner skit was awesome anyway.

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