Gary Coleman’s Parents Will Not Fight Son’s Will

The parents of former child star Gary Coleman have announced they will not fight his will. Sue and Willie Coleman told Meredith Vieira on the Today show Friday they are giving up any fight over their son’s body or estate. Coleman’s will is at the center of a battle between the actor’s ex-wife, Shannon Price, and his former manager, Dion Mial.

Gary Coleman (Photo: Daniel McConnell - Wikimedia Commons)

In an interview on the Today show on Friday, Sue and Willie Coleman said they have given up the battle over Gary Coleman’s body and his estate. The Colemans said they had no intention of contesting his will, which was filed in Utah on June 8. The will names Coleman’s former manager, Dion Mial, as the executor of his estate.

Shannon Price, Coleman’s ex-wife, has filed to contest the will, claiming she should have control of what happens to Coleman’s remains and power over his estate.

Coleman’s parents just want all the drama to end and their son to be properly buried. “I want all the talk to stop,” Sue Coleman said. “Gary’s gone. I want his body put away respectfully so that we all can bring some closure to this part of him … Let’s just put him away so that his spirit can just go on to where it’s going. He’s at rest, I know he is, and the rest of us need to bring some closure to it.”

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