Oops! Nashville Radio Takes Britney’s Song-Leaker Off The Air

Nashville’s 107.5 The River radio personality “Intern Adam” said today he has been taken off the air for leaking the new Britney Spears’ single, “Womanizer” on the radio station’s website. Sayeth Adam:

I was the first person in the world who had this, the Britney Spears’ comeback single. I got excited; I got eager. I wanted to get this out there already, so I did. And I guess I got a little too eager.

“Intern Adam” isn’t a real intern…he’s worked for the station since 2004. His name is Adam Davis, and he told The Tennessean that he doesn’t know if he’s been suspended or fired from the station. Imagine he’ll find out soon! Apparently Adam taped the song during a Jive Records conference call with radio programmers, and tossed the 40 second snippet up on The River’s website. He said he never played the song on the air. He isn’t telling whether anyone else at the station knew beforehand what he had done.

The powers that be for all things Britney postponed the release of “Womanizer” until next week. It was originally scheduled to drop Monday. Admittedly, the song sounded really sucky. The immediate feedback from the press was, well, YIKES!

If “Womanizer” DOES drop next week, we’ll all be able to judge it on it’s own. The producers are likely working 24/7 trying to fix the mess. Britney seems to be distracted by UK comedian Russell Brand at the moment, and is probably being “British Britney” 100% of the time. Not that they need her at the studio. Have you heard what she REALLY sounds like?