Casting for Three Stooges in the works

The upcoming Three Stooges movie is in the casting stages, and there are some amazing names in the running.  The issue is, of course, that when you’re casting these three roles, they have to balance against each other – the three actors will have to be approximately the same age, and the same height.  Basically what they’ll have to do is cast one of the roles, and then cast the other two actors around that.

It’s locking in  that first must-have actor that’s going to be the trick.  Names that have been brought up so far include Will Sasso, Hank Azaria, Larry David, Woody Harrelson, and even some more unexpected people like Johnny Knoxville and Justin Timberlake.  Personally, I think if Larry David doesn’t get cast as Larry, there’s something wrong in the universe.