Manager Lisa Ellis Nude Photos Found on Wyclef Jean Cell Phone

Rumor has it Wyclef Jean is up to his neck in hot water with his Marie Claudinette after she found nude photos of manager Lisa Ellis on his cell phone. Jean and his manager reportedly split ways three weeks agao, but Lisa Ellis claims the nude pics have nothing to do with her sudden resignation. And we have some beautiful swamp land in Florida we’d love to sell to anyone who buys that one.

Wyclef Jean (Publicity photo)
Wyclef Jean (Publicity photo)

Wyclef Jean’s wife Marie Claudinette “flew into a jealous rage” after finding nude photos of her husband’s former manager on his cell phone, various sources are reporting. According to an unidentified source, Claudinette “told Lisa to stay away from her husband. To embarrass Lisa, she also e-mailed the nude picture to a number of people in the music business.” Claudinette also allegedly demanded Jean fire Ellis immediately.

Lisa Ellis admitted to the New York Daily News that she did have a ‘tasteful’ nude photo taken of her by photographer Mark Baptiste for “an art book.” She says, however, that the nude photo “had nothing to do with my resignation as Wyclef Jean’s manager.”

According to the Daily News, Lisa Ellis resigned from her post as Wyclef Jean’s manager because the singer had stopped listening to her advice about his career. Maybe advice like don’t keep nude photos of your manager – or anyone else – on your cell phone???

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