Zac Efron Beaten Up By Homeless Guys?

What in the world is going on with Zac Efron? He’s reportedly been in rehab twice now for an alleged cocaine addiction. We still don’t know what exactly happened with that mysterious incident where he broke his jaw last year. And in the latest incident, Zac was apparently beaten up by a couple of homeless guys?

Zac Efron thinks he's king of the world? Source: Instagram
Zac Efron thinks he’s king of the world? Source: Instagram

According to the latest gossip from, Zac Efron ended up in a “full-blown melee with at least three other people” in a sketchy part of Los Angeles on Sunday night. The fight was broken up by police officers patrolling the area.

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Zac Efron Signs on to Play Spy in Fire Comic Book Adaption

Teen heartthrob Zac Efron has reportedly signed on to star in an adaption of Brian Michael Bendis‘ graphic novel Fire. Efron is set to play the lead role in the film, a college student who is recruited into the CIA as an “expendable” spy.

Zac Efron (Photo: Toby Forage - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Zac Efron (Photo: Toby Forage - Source: Wikimedia Commons) reports Zac Efron has also signed on for a Warner Brothers “Back to the Future-like film” with director Nick Stoller. Efron has been working to break out of his High School Musical stereotype with more serious roles in films like The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud and Me and Orson Welles.

Fire creator Brian Michael Bendis will reportedly pen the script for the film adaption from Universal. Neal Mortiz and David Engel will reportedly produce, with Efron and Jason Barret as executive producers.

We’re glad to hear Zac Efron wants to gain respect as an adult actor by signing on to more serious film roles. We’ll just have to wait and see if he can actually pull it off.

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Leaked Vanessa Hudgens Racy Nude Photos Stir Up Scandal Again

More racy nude photos of Disney star Vanessa Hudgens were leaked to the Internet this week, stirring up yet more scandal for the 20-year-old  actress.

Leaked nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens first circulated on the web in late 2007. Those racy pictures were allegedly taken by Hudgens for High School Musical co-star and boyfriend Zac Efron and stolen by a hacker from her BlackBerry.


An unidentified source reportedly told the nude photos are indeed Vanessa Hudgens, but they are old pics from the same set that were released in 2007.

Lawyers for Vanessa Hudgens have reportedly contacted various web sites posting the racy pics, including, demanding the nude photos be removed. Reps for the Disney star have not otherwise commented on scandal.

Kevin Bacon Says Zac Efron Can Be Footloose

Kevin Bacon has given Zac Efron his blessing to tackle his role in a remake of the classic 80’s movie Footloose. High School Musical director Kenny Ortega is rumored to be re-teaming with Zac for an updated version of the musical romantic drama. Ortega recently gave credence to the reports by saying there is “a real good chance that this may be a movie”. Kevin gave Zac the thumbs up to reprise the role of Ren McCormack. Sayeth Kevin to London radio station Heart FM, “I met Zac briefly at an event… and we talked… only briefly… but he seemed like a really nice kid and I really do wish him all the best with it.”

Foot 2 would be smack in the middle of Zac’s wheelhouse…he’s definitely got the “romantic musical” genre down pat. Zac might want to be a little careful though; he may get typecast as a singin’ and dancin’ man. Kevin’s character also didn’t wear a lot of foundation and mascara. Zac’s gonna have to refrain from his USUAL pancaked-up look if he wants to keep the feel of Ren McCormack, ‘cuz he was no sissy! Will Zac have the guts to play another game of car-chicken? He might wanna start taking some extra testosterone beforehand! Hopefully Zac WILL shower regularly for the sake of his castmates. Maybe they should put that in the contract. Oh, and happy 21st birthday, Zac!

Zac Efron Is A Busy Guy

High School Musical star Zac Efron doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon! He’s enrolled at USC, and will begin working on a Bachelor of Business degree next semester. Despite having huge success, Zac, who deferred his enrollment in 2006 wants to get his education. He says it’s always been a goal for him. Good for Zac!

ALSO good for Zac is the fact that a crazed fan who attacked him last night in London’s West End didn’t do him any harm. The UK Daily Mail says:

Efron was leaving the Apollo in Shaftesbury Avenue when a middle-aged man – thought to be a deranged fan – began shouting and pointing at him. The attacker… was then said to have lunged forward and tried to grab his hair. An onlooker said: ‘Some guy just reached over and grabbed the side of Zac’s head. There was no provocation. He was shouting all kinds of things at Zac. Their security team had to bundle Zac into a car, but at one point it looked as though the man was going to be pushed into it with him.’

Zac reportedly kept his cool, and managed not to mess up ANY of his makeup. He is that good.

High School Musical 3: More Unifying Than Barack Obama

Here’s a trailer for High School Musical 3- Senior Year, coming to the U.S. October 24th. The cast has been completely brainwashed into thinking HSM is gonna unite the world better than Coca Cola or Barack Obama! Basically- Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgins, Ashley Tisdale and the gang do a lot of singing and dancing, but this time it’s on the big screen. We Are The World!

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