Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal break up

Well, that didn’t last long – romancing cuties Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal are apparently no longer romancing.  The big deal was that they spent a romantic weekend together over Thanksgiving, but apparently the fire had died down by Christmas, as they spent New Year’s Eve in different states.  Taylor attended a party in Tennessee while Jake went to the closing party of a Broadway show in New York.

Neither Taylor’s nor Jake’s reps have commented on the split, but it’s pretty clear that whatever they had going, they quickly decided wasn’t working.  Some sources have even said that they broke up right after Thanksgiving, so maybe something went wrong during that supposedly romantic weekend.

One thought on “Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal break up”

  1. he’s too hot for her… she’s rather boring and needs to try a diff look, maybe heroin chic or turn lesbian for a couple of months… just needs to mix things up a little

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