Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner Kissing for Real?

Are Twilight New Moon star Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift kissing for real? The evidence continues to mount the two are indeed an item! Taylor Swift has already declared she’s absolutely on Team Jacob, but is she merely a fan or has she already nabbed the star player?


Let’s review the evidence. First, Taylor Swift said her onscreen kiss with Taylor Lautner while filming Valentine’s Day “was life-changing.” Wow, that’s a pretty hefty statement for a movie kiss. Then the two are spotted acting pretty cozy at a Los Angeles Kings hockey game. Next, the two Taylors are seen having dinner not once, but twice during the last week – including a meal with Swift’s mom! And finally, when grilled by Ellen DeGeneres on Thursday’s show whether Lautner was a “good kisser,” Swift avoids the question with giggles and blushes.


Let’s also not forget Swift told CMT Radio’s Cody Alan, when asked if she was dating Lautner, “I don’t know, he’s an amazing guy and we’re really close… and ah… yep.”

Our verdict, the two Taylors are probably engaging in some off-screen tonsil-hockey, but we aren’t taking the relationship seriously. It’s natural in Hollywood for two young, hot celebs to hook up after flirting on film, but such dalliances rarely last for long.

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  1. Of course she is a good kisser! Well she is a wonderful girl. I love her and I admit that I’m dating her. That’s it.

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