Ted Koppel Son Died of Alcohol and Drug Overdose

Andrew Koppel, son of legendary news anchor Ted Koppel, died of an overdose of drugs and alcohol, the New York medical examiner announced Friday. Andrew Koppel died from acute intoxication from a combination of alcohol, heroin, cocaine and Valium, according to the examiner’s report.

Ted Koppel (Photo: Timbrauhn - Wikimedia Commons)
Ted Koppel (Photo: Timbrauhn - Wikimedia Commons)

40-year-old Andrew Koppell was found dead last month at a New York City the night after he allegedly went on a heavy drinking binge. The apartment belonged to a man named Russell Wimberly, whom Koppel reportedly met at a bar the night before he died.

Andrew Koppel’s death has been ruled an accident by the New York medical examiner. Koppel had reportedly consumed a large amount of alcohol before his death and also had traces of heroin, cocaine and the generic form of Valium in his system.

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