Temple Grandin Tops Emmy Winners 2010

Some viewers of the 2010 Emmy Awards Sunday night may have been left wondering: Who the hell is Temple Grandin? Temple Grandin, or rather, the HBO film based on her and sharing her name, took home seven Emmy Awards.

Temple Grandin (BBC)
Temple Grandin (BBC)

The HBO film Temple Grandin tells the story of an autistic animal scientist and autism advocate. Grandin is a high-functioning autistic who has become a well-known public advocate for those with autism.

After earning a doctorate in animal science, Grandin went on to become a university professor and write an autobiography about her life with autism. She is also known for her animal activism, including contributions to improvement in the lives of farm animals.

Grandin was in the audience at the Emmys as the film took home seven awards, including Best Actress for Claire Danes and Best Made for Television Movie or Miniseries. Prior to the HBO film, Grandin’s story was also the subject of the BBC documentary The Woman Who Thinks Like a Cow and an episode of First Person.

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