The Amazing Race season 21 premieres tonight with the ‘most eclectic cast’ yet on the show, according to host Phil Keoghan. In a brand new twist, one of the eleven teams of The Amazing Race 2012 cast will have the opportunity to win an extra $1 million. Which The Amazing Race 21 team will be rewarded with this special opportunity will be revealed at the end of the first leg of the competition.


This post contains The Amazing Race 21 spoilers for the premiere episode. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happens!

Launching our The Amazing Race 21 premiere recap this evening, let’s meet our teams for this season.

The Amazing Race 21 Cast Teams:

Nadiya & Natalie – Twin Sisters
Josh & Brent – Goat Farmers/Life Partners, stars of The Fabulous Beekman Boys
Rob & Kelley – Married Monster Truckers
Trey & Lexi – Dating
James & Mark – Rock and Roll Friends (James is a former bassist for Megadeth and White Lion)
Abbie & Ryan – Dating Divorcees
Jaymes & James – Chippendales Dancers/Best Friends
Rob & Sheila – Engaged Lumberjacks
Caitlin & Brittany – Best Friends
Gary & Will – Best Friends/Substitute Teachers
Amy & Daniel – Dating On and Off (Amy is a double amputee)

I’m loving the wild mixture of folks on The Amazing Race 21 cast this year. As a metal fan back in my younger years, I immediately have to pick James LoMenzo the rocker and his rock star attorney friend Mark ‘Abba’ Abbattista. James has played with White Lion, Ozzy Osborne, Bobby Brown, Megadeth and more.

My other favorite pair right off the bat are going to be Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge from The Fabulous Beekman Boys. I’m a fan and I’d love to see this adorable couple make it all the way.

The first challenge for the teams for the premiere is to bungee jump off the side of a bridge. Okay, you see, right there I would have already gone home. This is why I could never audition for The Amazing Race. I am just not going to jump off a perfectly good bridge.

Once the teams reach the ground, they will receive instructions on how to travel to Shanghai, China. Only the first seven teams to sign in for a ticket will land spots on the speediest flight.

The first team to finish this leg will win $2 million instead of just $1 million if they end up as the final winners of The Amazing Race 21. This has all the teams crazy to get through the challenge as quickly as possible. The first flight will arrive more than an hour before the second flight does, so no one wants to be on that second flight!

The seven couples who manage to snag the first flight are: James and Jaymes, James and Mike Abba, Abbie and Ryan, Nat and Nadia, Rob and Kelly, Caitlin and Britney, Amy and Daniel. Brent and Josh would have ended up on the first flight, but they actually let another couple go in front of them and missed out. So they join Rob and Sheila, Trey and Lexi, and Gary and Will.

The leaders after the first part are Chippendale dancers Jaymes and James, but they are stumped when they hit the first roadblock. They are forced to play table tennis with a ten-year-old Chinese champion. Natalie and Nadiya are also delayed by the roadblock. Abbie and Ryan manage to win past the tiny table tennis terror and rush off to the next task first.

Rob and Kelley are way behind because they actually ended up getting lost. Natalie and Nadiya are pissed and freaked out because everyone is getting past them with this table tennis thing and they are going to find themselves in last place.

James and Abba are the first team to reach the next task, which involves eating a bowl full of frog guts. Not just guts, but  parts of the reproductive system of the frogs. Nasty! Even worse, they have to eat this goop with chopsticks!

Before it is all said and done, Rob pukes his (and the frogs’) guts all over his shirt. Nadiya nearly follows suit, but somehow manages to struggle through with the encouragement of her sister. If you said a bowl of that stuff in front of me and told me you’d give me a million bucks to eat it and not puke, I honestly don’t think I could do it. Eewwwwww.

After all this gross gulping, Amy and Daniel are the first to succeed at the next task of finding a woman with an abacus. They have to race off to the final destination for this leg at The Bund Observatory. Although they get to the Observatory in short order, they are robbed of finishing first when Ryan and Abbie make it to the Bund Signal Tower before them. That now makes Ryan and Abbie the only team who can win $2 million if they manage to end up as the season 21 winners.

Amy and Daniel come in second place, followed by Caitlin and Brittany in third, Nadiya and Natalie in fourth, Kelley and Rob in fifth, James and Abba in sixth and Gary and Will in seventh. Scooting in afterward and desperately trying not to end up last are Josh and Brent in seventh, followed by Gary and Will in eight and Trey and Lexi in ninth place.

The final two pairs competing not to end up dead last this week are James and Jaymes and Rob and Sheila. Only 15 seconds separate the two teams as they race to the finish. Finally, James and Jaymes manage to squeeze across the finish line first, which leaves Sheila and Rob in last place. They are sad to end up being the ones to go home first, but they said they had a great time on the show.

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