The Amazing Race 2012 Recap: Episode 7 – Off to See the Wizard!

On The Amazing Race 21 Sunday night, the remaining teams will run through Moscow, Russia and find themselves struggling–literally–in deep water in this week’s challenge. According to The Amazing Race spoilers for this week’s show, one team will make a very costly mistake during this leg of the race. Will their error cause them to be the team who went home on The Amazing Race 2012 in this leg? Join us for our The Amazing Race recap as we watch the action live and find out who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 21 this week!


This post contains The Amazing Race 2012 spoilers about episode 5. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happens or who went home on The Amazing Race 21 this week.

The multiple Emmy award-winning travel reality show The Amazing Race 2012 returns to CBS tonight. During episode 7, the teams will travel to Moscow, Russia. According to the official The Amazing Race 21 spoilers for this week’s show, the teams will “find themselves in deep water struggling to stay in sync during a challenge.”

From the CBS preview for The Amazing Race 21 episode tonight, it looks like the teaser is referring to an entertaining (for us, not them) bit of synchronized swimming. In the video preview, it appears the Chippendales guys are not having a very good time at all with this difficult task.

Personally, I’m still hoping for some kind of recrimination to happen against twins Natalie and Nadiya this episode for stealing James and Abba‘s money, but since I haven’t seen any The Amazing Race spoilers about that, I guess they are going to get away with it. If they had just randomly found money somewhere and not turned it in, I wouldn’t care so much.

Deliberately taking money you KNEW belonged to another team–potentially altering the whole course of the race–is entirely different. Thankfully, the good will of others kept James and Abba in the race, but I still think the twins (and the team they shared the cash with, Trey and Lexi) should have been penalized in some way. I kind of hope one of the two thieving teams will be the ones who went home on The Amazing Race 21 this week.

What kinds of crazy drama will there be tonight on The Amazing Race 2012? Will the Chippendales guys James and Jaymes be able to overcome their obvious struggle in the challenge to make it through to the next round? Who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 21 this week? Join us here for our The Amazing Race recap at 8PM ET and find out with us!

RECAP: Trey and Lexi are the first to head off to the airport to catch a flight to Moscow, Russia. Lexi hopes the increased closeness of their participation in The Amazing Race 21 will mean an engagement hopefully in the near future.

Abbie and Ryan are the next to leave, followed by James and Abba. Even though they had a rough time last week after having their travel money stolen by twins Natalie and Nadaya, they are determined they are not going to let anything stop them. Evil stealing twins Natalie and Nadaya are behind them, with the Chippendales after them. Josh and Brent bring up the rear.

At the airport, everyone scrambles for a flight to Moscow. The evil twins think they should continue to stick with thieving buddies Trey and Lexi.

Brent and Josh decide to consult with a travel agent to find out what the best option is to get them their the quickest. After a consultation, they choose a flight they think will get them to Moscow earlier.

The flight booked by Josh & Brent and Abbie & Ryan ends up being delayed and they miss their connecting flight, putting them way behind. Trey & Lexi, James & Jaymes, Abba & James and Natalie & Nadiya all get to Moscow before Josh & Brent and Abbie & Ryan. This is a big setback for those two teams.

In Moscow, the teams now have to find Ivan The Terrible’s guards to locate the next clue. James & Abba are the first team to find the correct location and receive their Detour clue. They can decide to either choose the “Alphabetize” task or the “Synchronized” task. In the first one, they have to locate four books in a library with instructions only in Russian. In the second one, they have to perform a routine with Russia’s famous synchronized swimmers.

Both tasks turn out to be very challenging for the teams. I would have chosen the Russian books one over the swimming, but that choice doesn’t seem to actually have been easier despite seeming to be less intimidating to me.

Natalie and Nadiya have such an incredibly hard time with their choice of doing the synchronized swimming that they consider very strongly using the Express Pass they won previously.

Finally, Trey and Lexi manage to complete the Russian books task and receive their next clue. They are told they have to find a “tree of love” full of locks. Then they have to figure out which key on a ring full of keys will unlock the one that will give them their next clue.

The Chippendales James and Jaymes finally manage to complete the swimming challenge after having quite the rough time of it. As they are finishing up, they seem to convince the twins they should keep struggling to complete the challenge and not use their valuable Express Pass.

Meanwhile, Abbie & Ryan and Josh & Brent have decided to make an alliance to run the race together and work together… for the time being anyway.

The next clue turns out to be a ruble with an image of The Bolshoi on it. The teams have to figure out they have to go to The Bolshoi as the next pit stop.

The first team to arrive at the pit stop is… Lexi & Trey. They win a lovely vacation to Maui.

Way, way behind at this point, Abbie & Ryan and Josh & Brent are just now arriving in Moscow as their flight delay put them a whole half day behind.

The second team to arrive at the pit stop is James and Jaymes. Natalie & Nadaya and James & Abba finally complete the swimming Detour and head off to the Pit Stop. Josh & Brent and Abbie & Ryan finally make it to the Detour but they don’t get to have a choice about what task they do. The library has already closed, so they are forced to do the synchronized swimming.

Nadiya and Natalie are the next team to arrive at the pit stop. They come in third. They are, as usual, very pissy about not coming in first. Serious attitude problem with these two. I guess if you aren’t ashamed at all for stealing from fellow competitors, no one can expect you to be anything less than a royal biatch (or pair of them).

Poor James & Abba! These two are just having nothing at all but bad luck the past few weeks. First they had their travel money stolen last week and had to rely on the kindness of strangers to save them from being eliminated. This week, they leave their stuff in their taxi and the taxi driver takes off with their belongings–including their passports!

James & Abba arrive at the pit stop, but without their passports, they cannot check in and complete this leg of the race.

Ryan & Abbie stay loyal to their pact with Josh & Brent and hang around for them to complete the Detour. Then all four of them head out to the Pit Stop.

Wait, what! Apparently we are not going to find out the fate of Abba & James tonight. The show ends before the final teams reach the pit stop or we discover whether or not James & Abba will somehow be able to recover their passports and not be eliminated. Argghhhh! No fair!

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