The Amazing Race 2012 Recap: Episode 8 – We Was Robbed!

The Amazing Race 21 left fans hanging last week with a dramatic “to be continued” ending that left two big questions to be answered. Would James and Abba be able to continue on in the race after losing their bags and their passports? Who ended up last in the leg and might be the ones who went home on The Amazing Race 2012 next? Join us for live recap of the show tonight and find out with us what happened and who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 21 this week!


This post contains The Amazing Race 2012 spoilers about week 8. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened or who went home on The Amazing Race 21 this week.

Last week on The Amazing Race 21 was fast-paced and full of action. The whole episode was nail-biting, but the last part of the show was a true whopper. Two teams, Josh & Brent and Abbie & Ryan, missed their connecting flight to Moscow, Russia and ended up a whole half day behind the other The Amazing Race 21 teams. It seemed inevitable that one of the two teams would end up last and probably be the ones who went home on The Amazing Race 20212 season 21 next.

However, there was a huge wrench thrown into the works when James and Abba discovered their taxi driver had run off with their belongings while they were working on a challenge. While they might have been able to do without their clothes and other stuff, they also lost their passports. Host Phil Keoghan told James and Abba they could not continue without them. So the two guys went on a frantic search to locate the missing taxi driver and their stuff.

Unfortunately, that’s where the show ended, leaving us in the dark about whether or not James and Abba would continue on in the game or if the two teams way behind might catch up with and overtake them. It would really suck if James and Abba ended up being the team eliminated on The Amazing Race 21 this week because of losing their stuff, especially after the evil twins stole their money in a previous episode. They’ve just had lousy luck.

So who went home on The Amazing Race 21 in the last leg, if anyone? Will James and Abba find their passports or be disqualified from the race? If they are disqualified, will there still be an elimination for last week’s leg and maybe for this week’s as well? Will two, or even (gasp) three teams end up going home tonight? Find out with us here live at 8PM ET in our live The Amazing Race 21 recap!

RECAP: Abba and James will have to find some way to retrieve their passports if they want to move on to the next leg of the race. So, despite arriving at the Pit Stop before the other teams lagging behind, they are still in danger of being eliminated from The Amazing Race 21 by default.

Josh & Brent, Abbie & Ryan are still keeping their pact to run through this leg of the race together. Josh & Brent are unable to complete the challenge at the pool and finally receive a penalty for not finishing the task. The two teams head off together to the next challenge, unlocking the clue for the Pit Stop from a tree of locks.

James and Abba will have to contact the U.S. Embassy in hopes of securing emergency passports so they can continue on in the race. If they cannot get them fast enough to catch up with the other teams, their journey on The Amazing Race 2012 season 21 will shortly be coming to an end.

As they race to the Pit Stop, Abbie & Ryan take the lead to reach it first and come in fourth. Josh & Brent are team number five. They also will be facing a really horrible four hour penalty at the start of the next leg for not completing the pool challenge.

Abba & James are relieved to find out this will not be an elimination leg and they will have a change to continue competing–if they can get those passports. They will also be required to deal with a Speed Bump in the next leg of the race.

As the team in first place for the last leg, Trey & Lexi have the lead going into the next leg. They run off to find their first clue at the Agricultural Academy. Unfortunately, Lexi & Trey get lost trying to find their way. James & Jaymes manage to pass them and arrive at the location, but have to wait until eight to get inside.

At eight, James & Jaymes rush in to find their clue to a ‘who is in the zone’ Road Block. For the challenge, the teams have to do some math and figure out the time zone in five Russian cities. I thought America had too many time zones, but Russia has NINE.

Nadiya and Natalie, obviously wanting to leap frog over the other teams, decide to weild their Express Pass to skip forward in this leg of the challenge on The Amazing Race 21.

James & Jaymes, Trey & Lexi are the first two teams to finish the Road Block and jet ahead to the Detour challenges. The teams have to choose between a ‘movers’ task to perform a Russian dance or a ‘shakers’ task to identify famous Russian lookalikes at a party. James & Jaymes, Trey & Lexi decide to do the dance challenge.

James & Jaymes have a harder time with the dance than one would expect from the Chippendales due to an injury, but they finish neck and neck with Lexi & Trey. The teams grab their clues and run off to get to the next Pit Stop at Sokolniki Park.

The twins make it to the Detour challenge and go for the dance task. Unfortunately for Natalie, she rips her pants open and has to take time to change again before they can do the challenge. Lagging behind, Ryan and Abbie are making their way to the Agricultural Academy.

First this week to the Pit Stop on The Amazing Race 2012 season 21 are James & Jaymes. They win a fabulous trip to Costa Rica. Lexi & Trey manage to slide into second.

Meanwhile, Josh & Brent, James & Abba are still way, way behind and haven’t even gotten started. Abba & James have contacted the U.S. Embassy to try to get emergency passports on a cell phone kindly volunteered for them to use. Josh & Brent are just getting going after their very long penalty delay.

Abbie & Ryan are in major trouble themselves because Ryan just can’t get the time zones thing figured out. He keeps trying over and over, but he keeps getting it wrong. He thinks there must be something wrong because he can’t figure it out.

Abba and James are still desperately trying to find their passports or get new ones so they can complete this leg of the race and move on. This is just sad. They are at the police station in Moscow now and they have been doing everything they can think of with no luck.

Josh and Brent finally make it to the Road Block and working on getting the time zones right. Ryan and Abbie finally manage to complete the time zones challenge and head off to the Detour.

Ryan and Abbie don’t have nearly so much trouble with the Detour and race off to the Pit Stop to arrive in fourth place. Brent and Josh follow behind them after finishing the Detour and they come in fifth place.

Sadly, James & Abba are unable to find their passports or get hold of new ones in time. They go to the Pit Stop and are todl they have been eliminated from the races. I’m totally bummed that a team should lose out because a taxi driver ran off with their stuff. I’m even more annoyed because the two teams involved in stealing their money in a previous episode are still in the race.

Well, I guess losing your bags in a foreign country is one of the hazards of the race. Just sucks to go out that way.

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