The Amazing Race 2012 Recap Episode 9: U-Turns and Betrayal

This week on The Amazing Race 2012, our recap starts off with Rachel and Dave in the lead after finishing in first place in the last leg of the race. The teams are still in gorgeous Tanzania, Africa as the “Let Them Drink Their Haterade” episode kicks off. Who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2012 in week 9? Read on to find out!

For their first challenge of The Amazing Race 2012 episode 9, the teams head out on a grand safari across an immense and incredibly beautiful crater teeming with all kinds of amazing wildlife. At the end, they each have to locate the oddly named ‘Hillary Clinton Shop’ to find their next clue.

While they enjoy the beauty of nature, Big Brother alumni Rachel and Brendon of course have to talk about how everyone doesn’t like them and conclude that haters are going to hate but it just makes them stronger. I yawn at this point and just wait for them to shut up.

Bopper and Mark are the first to get the first clue and end up at a Detour. They have to choose between two challenges: ‘water supply’ and ‘air supply’. If they choose the water supply one, they have to help a local family to fill containers with water from the communal well. If they choose the air supply challenge, they have to repair a punctured bike tire.

Bopper and Mark decide to do the air supply challenge, as do Rachel and Dave, Rachel and Brendon, Nary and Jamie, and Vanessa and Mark (after they wander around forever trying to find the place). Art and JJ are the only ones to choose to do the water supply challenge and end up waiting in a huge line behind a bunch of locals to get to the water supply.

Mark and Bopper are the first to finish and make it to the next stop at Jack Stelzer’s Pub. They are given the choice to use a U-Turn on any of the other teams. This would force the team chosen for the U-Turn to do both Detour challenges. Bopper and Mark decide to take a pass and not use the U-Turn. Dave and Rachel are up next and not far behind. They also decide not to use the U-Turn on anyone.

Both of The Amazing Race 2012 teams deciding not to use the U-Turn ends up pissing off Art and JJ later when they find out because they’d previously had a deal with Dave and Rachel, and Mark and Bopper, to use a U-Turn against Brendon and Rachel if they had the chance.

When JJ and Art arrive at the U-Turn choice, they don’t realize anyone has been there before them. They decide to use the U-Turn against Brendon and Rachel as they had made a deal to do with the other teams, forcing Brendon and Rachel to go back and do the water supply challenge (where Rachel throws a diva fit over some spilled water). When Brendon and Rachel arrive at the U-Turn choice, they decide to use it against their rivals Vanessa and Ralph. (Payback for all that nasty catfighting last week I think?)

Next up, Mark and Bopper reach the next clue and find out they have to do a Roadblock by donning a beekeeper suit and collecting honey from the local African bees. Dave and Rachel are right on their heels.

Bopper and Mark are the first to complete the bee challenge and make their way to the Pit Stop at Lake Manyara on this leg of The Amazing Race 2012. They win a trip to Hawaii for two. Rachel and Dave are still right behind them and Dave whines that it is all Rachel’s fault they don’t get to the Pit Stop first. Art and JJ arrive in third place.

Battling it out to keep out of last place are Rachel and Brendon, Nary and Jamie and Vanessa and Ralph. The two U-Turns have allowed Nary and Jamie to almost catch up with the others even though they had to deal with a Speed Bump for coming in last place in the previous leg of the race.

Brendon and Rachel manage to make it to the Pit Stop in fourth place. Nary and Jamie are forced to complete their Pit Stop, which allowed Vanessa and Jamie to finish their bee challenge and reach the Pit Stop first.

Nary and Jamie are the last to arrive and end up eliminated.

That’s all for our on The Amazing Race 2012 week 9 recap this time around. Come back next week and join us again for another episode!

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  1. I really don’t want to hear Art and JJ crude language. This is a family show and although not technically foul, it sure is rude. Makes them look dumb and can’t use their creativity to use appropriate language to express themselves.

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