The Amazing Race 2012 Recap: Shocking Final Race to the Finish!

The Amazing Race 2012 spoilers for the season 20 finale hinted the “biggest shocker ever” would happen on Sunday night’s episode. Were The Amazing Race 20 producers just stringing us along, or was the finale episode just as exciting as they were foreshadowing with the teasers? Read on in our The Amazing Race 2012 recap of the finale to find out what happened and who won The Amazing Race 20!

In a lead up interview for The Amazing Race 2012 finale, teasingly titled ”It’s a Great Place to Become Millionaires,” host Phil Keoghan said the season would close with the series’ “biggest shocker ever.” We don’t want to give you any specific The Amazing Race 2012 spoilers for the finale just yet (keep reading for those!) but we will say that something unexpected that happens near the very end of the final race could dramatically change the whole final result!


This post contains The Amazing Race 20 finale spoilers! Please stop reading now if you do not want to know what happened and do not want to know who won The Amazing Race 2012!


The Amazing Race 2012 ends tonight with a shocking final race to the finish that is going to leave viewers on the edge of their seat and we’ll be right there with you with our The Amazing Race 20 live recap as it happens!  Host  Phil Keoghan told he could not believe what happened during The Amazing Race 2012 finale  and says the whole crew was “just as shocked as the viewers are gonna be” about how the final race played out.

On The Amazing Race 2012 finale, the final four teams will battle it out one last time to beat each other to the finish line. Dave and Rachel, Big Brother alumni Brendon and Rachel, Art and JJ, and Vanessa and Ralph will start off the last leg of the race in Japan and end up who knows where. The first team will be booted out in Japan and the remaining three will do their best to leave the others in the dust as they run full tilt toward the finish line.

Ready to read what happened on The Amazing Race 20 finale Sunday night? Well then let’s get right along to our live recap!

Here it is, The Amazing Race 2012 finale episode! We join the four remaining teams as they battle it out to make it first across the finish line!

As the first team to arrive in Cohin, India in the last leg of The Amazing Race, Rachel and Dave are the first to depart for the next leg of the race. Followed by Rachel and Brendon, Art and JJ, and Vanessa and Ralph, Rachel and Dave head off to the airport to take a flight to Hiroshima, Japan.

The four teams all take the same flight to Hiroshima, Japan. Once arriving at the airport, the teams must purchase bus tickets. Rachel and Brendon miss the bus thanks to both of them being total dumb***** and this gives Rachel an excuse to bash Brendon about the ears once again and tell him how she’s always right and he needs to listen to her.

All the teams move on to the next destination by bus. On arriving, they have to buy another set of tickets, this time for train tickets to Mariaja Island. Rachel and Brendon manage to catch up to everyone else, but Dave and Rachel actually miss the train and are left behind.

Teams Rachel and Brendon, JJ and Art, and Vanessa and Ralph get off the train and now have to board a ferry. They are all hoping Rachel and Dave will not make it aboard before it departs for the next stop… and they don’t! Rachel and Dave are really behind now. Since they have missed the ferry and there isn’t another one until the morning, Rachel and Dave decide to get a few hours of sleep. Meanwhile, the other three teams arrive at the next stop and discover their “clue arrives with the rising sun.”

Ralph and Vanessa take a cab and are the first to arrive at the place they think is the next stop. But they are wrong! Brendon and Rachel also go to the wrong place first. Art and JJ are the first team to actually arrive at the correct place and they learn they have to participate in a Japanese game show called “Bring That Chicken Home.” To compete, the team have to hop around on a conveyor belt to grab three chickens and get to the finish line with them. JJ laughs his butt off as Art keeps face-planting while trying to get the chickens.

Vanessa and Ralph are the next to play the chicken game. Brendon and Rachel are next up and they manage to finish second after Art and JJ. Vanessa is screwing up all over the place and losing it. Ralph says they should stop and just take the penalty because it isn’t worth all the drama.

Art and JJ complete the challenge first and they move on to the Umeda Sky Building and locate the Window 7 touch screen TVs. They have to do a Detour and must choose between doing Suhshi and Sumo. For the Sushi challenge, they have to play bingo and identify the pieces and eat those they get correct. In the Sumo challenge, they have to get ten locals in groups of three to take a photo with life-size Sumo cardboard cut outs. Art and JJ decide to do the Sushi Detour. Brendon and Rachel arrive at the Detour next and they also choose to do the Sushi Detour. Rachel and Dave get there next and they choose the Sumo Detour (they are still arguing and bitching at each other).

Rachel and Dave finish the Sumo Detour and they are the first to get the next clue to run to a Pit Stop at Osaka Castle. The last team that arrives will be eliminated. Art and JJ are behind them next on the way to the Pit Stop, followed by Brendon and Rachel, who have another pissing match with each other. Ralph and Vanessa are the last to arrive at the Detour and pick the Sushi challenge.

Dave and Rachel are the first to arrive at the Pit Stop and tie for a record seven leg wins. They also win a trip for two to New Zealand. Rachel and Brendon, and Art and JJ, also head out to the Pit Stop but both of them become lost on the way. Vanessa and Ralph are right behind and might be able to catch up and make it to the Pit Stop to get in the final three.

JJ and Art manage to find themselves first and get to the Pit Stop in second place. Big Brother alumni Rachel and Brendon are the next to make it to the Pit Stop and land in third place. This means that Vanessa and Ralph are too late to the party and they arrive last. Ralph and Vanessa are eliminated from The Amazing Race 2012.

Dave and Rachel are the first ones to head out on the 12th leg of The Amazing Race 20. The teams must now fly to Honolulu, Hawaii. There is only one daily flight to Hawaii so all the teams end up on the same twelve-hour flight. Once they arrive, they must find the Twin Towers.

Rachel and Dave get a running start when they reach Honolulu, but Art and JJ are right behind them playing taxi tag. Dave manages to get his cab driver to slip away from Art and JJ and he and Rachel arrive at the Twin Towers first. For their challenge at the Twin Towers, the teams have to climb up 45 stories, spot their next destination and then rappel down the side of the building to the bottom.

Art and JJ are lost and they try to get directions but only end up more lost. Rachel and Brendon, meanwhile, sneak past them and get to the Twin Towers next. Dave and the other Rachel are finishing up and headed off in a cab to their next location. Art and JJ finally arrive at the Twin Towers after Rachel and Dave are already finished and Rachel and Brendon are nearly finished as well.

At the next stop on Sand Island, Rachel and Dave find they have to do a Road Block. The teams have to shave enough ice to fill a bucket before they can move off to board a helicopter. Dave and Rachel have no trouble completing the task quickly and head off on foot to catch their helicopter.

Rachel and Brendon are the next to arrive and finish the Road Block. Unfortunately for them, they make an error and attempt to take a cab to the helicopter only to realize they have to go back and get to it by foot. This results in more bitching from Rachel and fighting with Brendon while Art and JJ pass them to get to the next stop.

Dave and Rachel are already working on their next challenge. They have to rescue a distressed swimmer with a wave runner, which Rachel does quite easily driving the watercraft. However, Art and JJ are not too far behind them.

Finished rescuing the swimmer, Rachel and Dave are headed to the Coral Kingdom Gate for the final Road Block but… oh no!… they miss the Road block and end up going right to the paddle boarding to the Finish Line! What a huge mistake! When Rachel and Dave arrive at the Finish Line, PHil tells them they have to go all the way back and do the Road Block challenge. Ouch!

Art and JJ are already at the Road Block while Rachel and Brendon are doing their wave runner swimmer rescue. When JJ sees Rachel and Dave arriving for the Road Block, he can’t believe it.

For the Road Block, the teams have to slide down the side of hill. Rachel is lucky because she proves to be quite good at it while Art is not, giving Rachel and Dave a chance to catch up. Dave and Rachel run off to do a bowling challenge, blow through that and then race off to the Finish Line yet again.

Rachel and Brendon manage to complete the mountain sliding challenge and head to the bowling skills test while Art finally gets down the hill as well. All the teams are racing their hearts out to make it to the Finish Line.

Everyone gives it their best, but there can only be one winner and it is…

Even though they managed to totally screw up and had to go back and do the Road Block they missed, Rachel and Dave still win! That’s right, they land the grand prize AND they now hold the record of the most leg wins with eight in total.

Rachel and Dave are The Amazing Race 2012 winners.

Losing out on all that fabulous cash, Art and JJ are the second to arrive at the Finish Line, followed in third by Big Brother alumni Brendon and Rachel… who honestly already won enough money on Big Brother as far as I’m concerned…

 That’s the end of our The Amazing Race 2012 recap of the season 20 finale! What did you think about how the final leg of the race went down? Do you think the last team standing deserved to win? Let us know your thoughts in our comments section below!

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  1. Ugh. Now that db verbally abusive husband will have more “proof” of what a top specimen he is. I wanted him get taken down, except he probably would have just blamed his wife, anyway. They may have deserved it, but I’m disappointed. I was cheering on anybody but him. That poor woman needs to take her 1/2 of the money and run.

  2. I didn’t want ANY of these teams to win, they were all abusive to their partners and the other teams. No class at all. Bopper and Mark were the nice guys. I wish they had made it to the final 3. Then I would have had someone to root for.

  3. Agreed. Dave screaming at Rachel. Winey Rachel always at Brendan (your a genius dude, get out of there)  and those 2 border crossers, awful.


  5.  GOt them MIXED UP!ohhhhhh!! It was the other rachel that won!! yayOK then it is NOT RIGGED! I thought it was big brother whiners   that won.. OK IM HAPPY NOW!! YiPPPPPEEE

  6. I totally agree. This couple was abusive/toxic to each other. The other Rachel cried every leg. None of these teams deserved it. Mark and Bopper deserved it the most and played with the most heart!

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