The Amazing Race 2012 Spoilers: Rachel and Vanessa Face Off (VIDEO)

On Sunday night’s new episode of The Amazing Race 2012, Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly and opposing team member Vanessa Macias face off with insults in an episode fitingly titled “I Didn’t Make Her Cry.”


The Amazing Race 20 kicks off tonight with the remaining contestants traveling from Baku, Azerbaijan to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Tears are shed as the claws come out in Tanzania and racers stand in amazement as they train alongside Masai warriors in a challenge to see who will make it to the next leg of the race. While the spoilers below are official preview releases, some people don’t like to know anything that is going to happen, so we like to give a spoiler warning in advance just in case.

I love a good catfight, and Rachel Reilly was known for being in a crapload of them during her time on Big Brother 12 and Big Brother 13. So naturally, I am eager to see her and Vanessa going after each other on camera this week on The Amazing Race 2012. At the airport, after accusations of shoving, middle-finger waving and general douchebaggery, Rachel and Vanessa start insulting each other about who looks more like an old hag while the other teams roll their eyes and make snarky comments about all the drama. Too fun!

Some are speculating in their The Amazing Race 2012 predictions that Rachel Reilly and boy toy Brendon Villegas might possibly be the ones to go this week. Why? Well, because The Amazing Race has a slight tendency to put more camera time on the team in an episode when they are about to get booted off the show. Since this episode seems to feature quite a lot of Brenchel, it could possibly be foreshadowing that they might not make it through to next week.

The Amazing Race 20, hosted by Phil Keoghan, airs on Sunday night at 8 pm ET/PT) on CBS.

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