The Amazing Race 2013 Results: Who Went Home in Week 9? 11/24/2013

The Amazing Race results for week 9 are in! Who went home on season 23 this week? Which teams will move on to the next leg to compete for that sweet million dollar prize? We have The Amazing Race 23 spoilers for you on what happened and which teams will be back again next week!

The Amazing Race 2013 episode 9 - Source: CBS
The Amazing Race 2013 episode 9 – Source: CBS

We’ve had a bit of a hard time being really invested in any of The Amazing Race 2013 cast teams this season. Can’t really tell you why, we just haven’t really been grabbed and sucked in by any of the racers this time around. However, we do kind of have anti-favorites on the show this year and we couldn’t help but home maybe those racers would be the ones who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 23 tonight.

Alas, our least favorite team of Tim & Marie are still going strong and they were not the ones who went home on The Amazing Race in week 9. Instead, they once again managed to overcome their drama to make it to the Pit Stop in the safety zone.

The team that was not being so lucky this week was, rather unsurprisingly, Ally & Ashley. They ended up running at the bottom of the pack again and got to the Pit Stop in last place. We’ve been waiting for these girls to get themselves eliminated for what seems like forever. Honestly, they are probably our second least favorite team of those still competing. They’re just, well… boring.

So goodbye Ally and Ashley. We’d like to say we’ll miss you next week… but we’d pretty much be lying. After that stunt that Nicole pulled tonight trying to cheat off Leo at the Roadblock, and all of Tim and Marie’s crappy drama, we just hope that either Leo & Jamal end up winning, or Amy and Jason, even if we don’t really love either of those teams that much either.

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