The Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers: Who Was Eliminated in Week 10? 12/1/2013

We were down to the final four teams last night after Ally & Ashley were the ones who went home on The Amazing Race 2013 last week. With a million dollars on the line, Jason & Amy, Nicole & Travis, Leo & Jamal, and Tim & Marie continued the race through Indonesia in this week’s episode. At the end of the leg, who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 23 and won’t be returning for the finale next week? Read on to find out!

The Amazing Race 23 episode 10
The Amazing Race 23 episode 10 – Source: CBS

Last week in The Amazing Race results, Ally & Ashley were sent home after coming in last place at the Pit Stop. We didn’t really mind them being eliminated, but we do think it was maybe a tad bit unfair. If Amy had not stopped to help Nicole get through the Road Block, it would have probably been Nicole & Travis who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 in the previous leg. Frankly, we think they deserved to get the boot after Nicole tried to cheat off Leo & Jamal at the Road Block!

Oh well, that leg is over and it was on to the last episode before The Amazing Race 2013 finale next week. On the show last night, the final four teams faced some difficult challenges in Indonesia where they had to “stomach a serving of snake, and Racers reach their boiling point during a challenging Road Block.” The snake eating proved to be quite amusing to watch but the Detour challenges and Road Block were no joke at all. Everyone had a hard time and any team could have ended up in last place at one point or another during this leg.

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No matter who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 23 in this leg, we’re not really all that invested in seeing any of the other teams win at this point. None of the final four teams really has us all that excited about watching them win a million bucks. If we had to pick favorites, we’d probably go for Leo & Jamal just because they seem to remember to actually enjoy the amazing experience they are engaged in every week.

Thus, we were kind of sad when — at the end of the leg — Leo & Jamal got to the Pit Stop last after making some serious mistakes along the way. Thankfully for Leo & Jamal, host Phil Keoghan announced this was a non-elimination leg and they would get the chance to compete in The Amazing Race 23 finale. So, after a really rough night for all the competitors, no one went home on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight!

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  1. Are you serious? Leo and Jamal? They are the most unlikeable pompous asswipes to be on the show in a REALLY long time. I dislike them more than I dislike the pink haired witch.

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