The Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers: Who Goes Home in Week 9? 11/24/2013

We admit that we were not terribly sad about who went home on The Amazing Race 2013 last week. We’ve been waiting for Nicky and Kim to be booted off the show for weeks. They were just never really great at the game and we were just getting a bit tired of watching them say and do the same things every episode over and over. At this point though, we’re just not sure who we want to be the ones who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 23 next.

The Amazing Race 23 episode 9 - Source: CBS
The Amazing Race 23 episode 9 – Source: CBS

The problem is, there is just no particular team that we are really invested in being The Amazing Race 23 winners this season. Our favorites have already been eliminated and none of the rest of the teams really excite us that much. If we had to pick a team still in the race to win, we guess we’d have to sort of root for the Afghanimals because they are at least moderately entertaining.

Unlike a lot of other reality TV competitions, it isn’t as easy to predict who is going to be the next to get the boot on this show. One big mistake can send the favorite team home in an instant or put the last place team coming in first at the Pit Stop. However, we felt the best guess for who was eliminated on The Amazing Race 2013 in this leg would be Ally and Ashley.

Ashley and Ally have consistently been in the bottom of the pack through most of the season and they’ve barely survived several legs so far. If any team should really be the next to go home, it should be them. We have also seen some relatively strong The Amazing Race 23 spoilers that they will end up last to the Pit Stop this week. Of course, it could end up being another non-elimination leg, in which case they might just make it through yet another week even if they come in last.

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If it wasn’t Ashley and Ally, we were thinking that it might possibly be Travis & Nicole going home because the CBS preview this week gives them a lot of focus. Sometimes that turns out to be foreshadowing of who is going to get the axe. Turns out, however, there was just a lot about Nicole and Travis for this episode because Nicole basically tried to cheat off Leo at the Roadblock challenge and it caused big drama.

So who went home on The Amazing Race 2013 tonight? Were our predictions correct on what would happen at the Pit Stop in week 9? Click over here to find out if you want the spoilers on tonight’s The Amazing Race results!

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