>> UPDATE: Click here for the official The Amazing Race 23 results! Our spoilers below were correct!

If the spoilers are correct about who won The Amazing Race 23 tonight, we can’t wait to see how it all went down on the finale. Because last week was a non-elimination and last place finishers Leo & Jamal were saved, we have four teams in The Amazing Race 2013 finale this evening. Only three of them, however, will actually make it to Alaska for the final leg. Can’t wait to find out? We have The Amazing Race spoilers for you on which team didn’t get to the final three, and who won season 23!

The Amazing Race 23 finale - Source: CBS

The Amazing Race 23 finale – Source: CBS

Last week’s The Amazing Race results were a lucky draw for Leo & Jamal, who came in last after making a series of rather bad decisions during the Detour challenges. They were saved at the Pit Stop when host Phil Keoghan announced it was a non-elimination leg. This week, they’ll be punished for being the last team to arrive at the Pit Stop by having to deal with a Speed Bump. According to The Amazing Race 23 spoilers we were able to dig up, that may have been their downfall.

Whether it is the Speed Bump that trips them up, or something else, it appears The Amazing Race 23 cast members Leo & Jamal will reportedly not even make it to the last part of the finale in Alaska. Instead, they are allegedly eliminated in Japan, leaving Tim & Marie, Nicole & Travis, and Jason & Amy to battle it out for the million dollar prize. This bit of spoilers information seems to be confirmed in the CBS promos for the finale. In them, we see racers from every team but Leo & Jamal’s in Alaska. That seems like a bit of a screw up from CBS to us, but there you go.

Which of the racers at the end wind up as The Amazing Race 23 winners? Well, if the leaked spoilers we found are indeed true, it was the team we actually kind of thought least likely to win. We offer no guarantee that these spoilers are guaranteed to be 100% accurate. If they are, however, the competitors who won The Amazing Race 2013 are… Jason & Amy!

(Click the thumbnails for larger pics – Source: CBS)

>> UPDATE: Click here for the official The Amazing Race 23 results! Our spoilers below were correct!

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