The Amazing Race 2013 Spoilers: Who Won The Amazing Race 23?

After another dramatic season, we finally find out who won The Amazing Race 2013 tonight and it came as something of a surprise to us! We really weren’t expecting this team to win when we went into The Amazing Race 23 finale tonight. Even though we had uncovered what appeared to be very strong The Amazing Race spoilers about what happened at the final Pit Stop tonight, we just still didn’t quite believe they could be true until the official results were in!

The Amazing Race 23 finale - Source: CBS
The Amazing Race 23 finale – Source: CBS

According to some very strong spoilers going around in the week before The Amazing Race results finale on Sunday, the contestants rumored to come out on top were not the team we would have picked. Just based on what we’d seen on the show all season long, we thought the team who won The Amazing Race 23 would probably be either Leo & Jamal, or Tim & Marie. Also, the teams who seem to get a lot of screen time often seem to win, and there is no question that these two teams got a lot of air time with all the drama going on all season!

Turns out, however, our thoughts on who would probably be The Amazing Race 23 winners were totally wrong. Not only did Leo & Jamal finish well out of the running, but they didn’t even make it to the final part of the race in Alaska! Slowed down by a punishment Speed Bump for coming in last place the previous week, Leo & Jamal were eliminated in Japan and never even made it to the final three of Tim & Marie, Jason & Amy, and Nicole & Travis.

The Amazing Race 23 finale 10

Although they certainly had their trials and tribulations along the way, it was Jason & Amy who ended up shining in the final leg. After their first place finish last week, they just never really lost their mojo and carried it all the way to another first place finish at the Pit Stop in The Amazing Race 2013 finale. The lovebirds brought it all the way home and walked away with a cool million dollars. Now we just have to wait and see if all that cash inspires someone to buy a ring and pop after this wild experience together for the dating couple!

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