The Attack Of The MuMu

This is not 1973, ladies. Snarkista has observed a disturbing trend sneaking up around here: The MUMU. If this were just a Kim Kardashian phenomena, I would write it off as an attempt at massive butt coverage. But to see them on chupacabra Rachel Zoe and her ex-protege Nicole Ritchie blows that theory all to hell.

This could easily be the work of the evil stylist Zoe, rumored to have “assisted” her minions in staying skinny by providing pharmecutical help. Not that it’s true! Perhaps Zoe’s NEW look is the opposite of the OLD look. Skinny’s out, Fluffy is in. Nicole in particular has taken the caftan to a new low by impersonating my grandmother’s Florida-room curtains. Whomever designed that HORRIFYING blanket should be forced to watch endless repeats of “The Golden Girls”, until the Dorothy Zelnack look is forever erased as a good idea.

Debra Messing has also been spotted in the dreaded drape! I’m gonna let her off with a warning and not stick the disaster up for all to see. Angelina Jolie’s been living in MuMu land for awhile, but she has an excuse. I’m sure once the twins are born, she’ll burn them all. So ladies, let this be a lesson to you. Sometimes retro is a good thing. This is not one of those times.

2 thoughts on “The Attack Of The MuMu”

  1. Ladies, step away from the blankets. This is summer. You should be lounging on the beach in a bikini, drinking Purple and looking *good* for the cameras.

  2. Dorothy ZBORNAK… if you’re going to attempt to rip people to shreds you sahould at least get your references straight.

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