The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: The Bachelor Juan Pablo Final Four!

The new season doesn’t even premiere until January and huge The Bachelor 2014 spoilers are already being leaked about season 18. We haven’t even gotten to enjoy watching The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis meet and greet his horde of 27 suitors, but we already know which of them is probably in the final four!

The Bachelor Juan Pablo - Source: ABC
The Bachelor Juan Pablo – Source: ABC

Every year, the awesomeness that is Reality Steve gives us all The Bachelor spoilers we could possibly want starting way before the new season even starts airing. Despite lawsuits and threats, Reality Steve keeps churning out the dish every season and we love him for it. This time around is no exception as our favorite spoilers insider has already revealed who he believes are The Bachelor Juan Pablo’s final four women for season 18.

If you haven’t seen The Bachelor season 18 cast list yet, here are the 27 ladies who will start off on the show:

Alexis Morgado: 24, Tampa, FL.
Alli Restko: 26, Chicago, Ill.
Amy Jokinen: Originally from Orlando, Fla.
Amy Long: 27, Clermont, Fla.
Andi Dorfman: 26, Buckhead, Ga.
Ashley Poe: 25 or 26, Denton, Tex.
Cassandra Ferguson: 22, Detroit, Mich.
Chantel Forrest: 27, San Diego, Calif.
Chelsie Webster: 24, Columbus, Oh.
Christine Llano: 24, Miami, Fla.
Clare Crawley: 32, Sacramento, Calif.
Christy Hansen: 24, Chicago, Ill.
Elise Mosca: 27, Forty Fort, Pa.
Kat Hurd: 29, Scottsdale, Ariz.
Danielle Ronco: 25, St. Louis, Mo.
Kelly Travis: 27, Buckhead, Ga.
Kylie Lewis: 23, Rockford, Ill.
Lacy Faddoul: San Diego, Calif.
Lauren Higginson: 27, Edmond, Ok.
Lauren Solomon: 27, Austin, Tex.
Lucy Aragon: Santa Barbara, Calif.
Maggie Gantt: 25, North Augusta, S.C.
Nikki Ferrell: 26, Kansas City, Mo.
Renee Oteri: 32, Sarasota, Fla.
Sharleen Joynt: 29, Canada.
Val Eredia: 26, Sutter, Calif.
Victoria Lima, Florida.

According to Reality Steve, the final four ladies after weeks and weeks of rose ceremony eliminations will be photographer/realtor Renee Oteri, Assistant District Attorney Andi Dorfman, model/nurse Nikki Ferrell, and hair stylist Clare Crawley.

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We don’t really mind that we get such extensive The Bachelor 2014 spoilers this far in advance because — to be frank — this is one of the least believable reality TV competitions out there. Rumors of the competition being incredibly scripted and heavily fixed from day one are rampant every season.

Honestly, if you’re a real Bachelor Nation fan, you kind of have to watch the show like it is just a scripted soap opera full of high drama and ridiculous dialogue and enjoy it purely for its massively campy fun. Knowing in advance which ladies will probably be making it to the end makes it more fun to watch those particular women more closely during the whole season to see how they manipulate and climb their way to the top.

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