Who Went Home on The Bachelor 2014 Juan Pablo Premiere?

The Bachelor 2014 premiered aired tonight on ABC, and if you can’t wait to find out who The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis sent home first, we have the results for you now! Honestly, we prefer to know which women will be the ones who went home on The Bachelor before we even see the episode. That way we don’t have to pay attention to the ladies who don’t even stand a chance!

The Bachelor 2014 Season 18 - Source: ABC
The Bachelor 2014 Season 18 – Source: ABC
The Bachelor spoilers are out about which women were the ones who went home on The Bachelor Juan Pablo season premiere tonight. We’ll be sharing them with you below, so if you don’t want to know what is going to happen, don’t keep reading. This is your last warning! If you want to skip right ahead and find out which of the women made it to The Bachelor season 18 final four, you can check out those spoilers here.

According to The Bachelor 2014 spoilers guru Reality Steve, tonight’s two-hour premiere episode was pretty much about the same as every other premiere in the show’s long history. There were silly limo exits, including Lucy Aragon wearing a hippie dress, Clare Crawley faking a pregnancy bump, and one of the women showing up riding a piano bike. That’s something you just kind of have to see, it’s weird. There were plenty of strained conversations, a lot of them might even make you cringe a bit. One of the women pulls out a massage table. You know how it is, standard The Bachelor fare.

After all the awkward introductions, tears (especially from one girl who recently got dumped by her fiance), laughter, and overtly obvious attempts at seduction, The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis ended up cutting nine ladies at the first rose ceremony of 2014. The Bachelor season 18 women who failed to making a great impression and headed home first were: Alexis Morgando, Kylie Lewis, Maggie Gantt, Amy Jokinen, Ashley Poe, Lacy Faddoul, Valerie Eredia, Christine Llano, and Lauren Higginson.

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