The Bachelor Hometown Spoiler Sean Lowe Fights Desiree’s Ex Boyfriend,Video

The Bachelor hometown spoiler Sean Lowe fights Desiree’s ex boyfriend,video below. Bachelor Sean Lowe has the tables turned on him on Monday’s upcoming episode of The Bachelor. Desiree’s “ex-boyfriend”, or someone pretending to be, crashes their hometown date in a big way.

Credit: ABC

In a new preview, Lowe and Desiree are cooking dinner for her family when her supposed former flame suddenly shows up at her door and professes his love for her.  The purported ex tells Desiree, “I love you more than anything,” then yells, “You’re gonna be with this actor?!” He then puts his hands on Lowe, causing the Bachelor to almost start a physical fight.

It’s unknown of whether the man in an actual ex lover or just someone trying to get in on the fame. Lowe will also travel to AshLee, Lindsay and Catherine’s hometowns on the episode. What are your thoughts on how this will go down? If you really want a spoiler, we’ve already revealed who Sean is currently engaged to.

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