The Bachelor Sean Lowe, the newest man-meat star of the series, and the production company behind the show, are suing blogger Reality Steve for spilling the beans on The Bachelor 2013 spoilers before the ABC premiere on January 7. Reality Steve has already posted episode-by-episode The Bachelor spoilers for quite a few shows of the new season and even revealed who he believes is The Bachelor 2013 winner!

The Bachelor 2013 Sean Lowe
Photo Credit: ABC

Reality Steve, aka Stephen Carbone, has been dishing out The Bachelor spoilers for years now and he’s obviously got the inside scoop. has unquestionably the best and most authentic The Bachelor spoilers out there anywhere. He really seems to have a direct pipeline into everything that happens on screen and off. For The Bachelor Sean Lowe’s season, not only has Reality Steve posted spoilers for a whole slew of episodes, he has actually revealed who he believes is The Bachelor 2013 winner and ends up engaged to Sean Lowe at the end!

This is not the first time Reality Steve has been the target of a lawsuit over his The Bachelor spoilers. NZK Productions and Horizon Alternative Television previously sued Stephen Carbon and reached a settlement agreement two years ago. Now The Bachelor Sean Lowe and the show’s production companies are suing Reality Steve again for an alleged breach of that settlement.

Meanwhile, Reality Steve says the lawsuit is a bunch of BS and he will be handing out The Bachelor 2013 spoilers this season as usual. According to Carbone, he is not doing anything that violates the settlement and the whole “point of the agreement, or so I thought, was to prevent this exact thing from happening.”

“I didn’t want to have to respond to a lawsuit every single time I posted a spoiler on my site because NZK Productions THINKS I got my information illegally,” Carbone posted on, “But that’s exactly what they went ahead and did since they have shown me no proof that I violated the Agreement, because they have none.”

“I continue to spoil their show every season, they’re pissed about it, so this is how they respond,” Carbone continued. “What’s funny in all this is, by suing me, they’re admitting that my spoilers are correct. Do you honestly think if I gave away the wrong ending, and wrong eliminations, and wrong details about the dates they would sue me? Of course not. I’d just be a gossip site and they’d never acknowledge my existence. So I guess props to me for, once again, another successful season of spoiling the ‘Bachelor’ franchise.”

Reality Steve says he is pondering the idea of filing a counterclaim and exploring all his options in dealing with this latest lawsuit. Meanwhile, he’ll keep posting his The Bachelor 2013 spoilers as long as he’s able to.

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