The Bachelorette 2012 Week 4 Recap: Big Lies In Bermuda

On The Bachelorette 2012 week 4, Emily Maynard and the boys of The Bachelorette headed off to Bermuda, where viewers were gifted with boat races, big lies, and a hefty load of BS.

Who was eliminated on The Bachelorette 2012 this week? Who managed to snag a rose and inch their way just a bit closer to The Bachelorette Emily Maynard’s heart? Read on for our live recap of week 4 and find out!


Please stop reading here if you do not want The Bachelorette 2012 spoilers for week four and do not want to know who was sent home!

All of the remaining thirteen The Bachelorette 2012 men had a chance to participate in some kind of a date this round. Some of the guys managed to impress, but there were a few who suffered from some serious foot-in-mouth disease, and one who flat-out revealed he has a sneaky ulterior motive for being on the show.

On The Bachelorette 2012 week 4, Emily Maynard carted her suitors off to Bermuda for a collection of fabulous dates as she continued to learn more about each of the guys still in the running.

Tonight we hear that one of the men actually utters the words “trophy wife” and one of The Bachelorette 2012 favorites, Ryan, will reveal a nasty secret about his real motives for being on the show.

Now let’s move right along to our The Bachelorette 2012 week 4 recap and find out what happens!

The Bachelorette 2012 kicks off tonight with host Chris Harrison pulling the guys out into the courtyard to tell them about the dates planned for this round. He tells the guys they will be spending the week in tropical Bermuda, and there will be a single date, a group date and a threesome date.

The Bachelorette Emily Maynard is already in Bermuda with her lovely daughter Ricki. She cannot wait until she can return to Bermuda some day with a new husband and hopefully a new baby or two added to the family.

The first date card arrives for the guys in Bermuda. The first date of the episode is a one-on-one date. Arie opens the card and jokes that it is a date for him, but it is actually an invitation for Doug. Arie really wants Doug to get sacked and sent home this week and all the guys pick on Doug about the date. Doug is really nervous.

When Emily arrives to pick up Doug, she can’t help but notice how tense things are among the guys. Emily takes Doug out to St. George for her one-on-one date. They do some tourist type stuff, shopping and looking to souvenirs.

Emily is impressed with Doug starting a charity and she thinks he is the perfect guy for this date. He admits she walked on him being grumpy with the other guys when she asks him if he ever has a bad day. Emily very sweetly writes a postcard to Doug’s son Austin and invites him for a playdate to play Legos.

A date rose lies on the table while Emily and Doug dine, which would make me kind of nervous if I was Doug. Emily says she feels like Doug is hiding something from her and she feels like he’s like her ex, Brad Womack. Emily asks Doug what his ex-girlfriend would say about him. Doug says his ex would claim he spends too much time with his son.

Emily tells Doug that she has days where she just stays in her pajamas all day to do her errands and that she has flaws. She says she knows it is difficult to be pu ton the spot and she decides to give Doug the date rose. Doug is uncomfortable because he doesn’t know whether or not he should have given Emily a kiss.

Next up is a group date card and Emily Maynard is going to take eight of the guys on a group outing to do a boat race. She selects Kalon, Charlie, Ryan, Chris, Jef, Sean, Travis and Arie to go.  The eight guys will be split into two teams to compete and the winning team will get to spend more time with Emily while the losing team goes back to the hotel.

Meanwhile, the final two guys, John and Nate, get their own date card for a two-on-one date. They will be exploring the “Bermuda love triangle” — cheesy!

The eight guys on the group date are split up into two teams. The yellow team is Jef, Ryan, Arie, and Kalon. The red team is Travis, Charlie, Chris, and Sean. The yellow team pulls to the front halfway through the race, but then the red team moves to get ahead. Finally, in the end it is the yellow team that crosses the finish line first and Jef, Ryan, Arie, and Kalon will get to spend more time on the group date with Emily.

Emily has drinks with the four guys who won the boat race. Ryan makes himself look like an ass by calling Emily a “trophy wife.” Arie manages to get in a kiss when he spends a bit of time alone with Enmily. Jef also gets some one-on-one time but he is very nervous. Emily was hoping to get a kiss on the beach.

Talking to Ryan, Emily tries to pin him down about the whole question of her gaining weight after getting married. Ryan somehow thinks it would be a good idea to mention he was jealous in watching her kiss Arie the other night. Emily doesn’t get why Ryan should be upset and that he’s being judgemental.

In the end, it is Jef who gets the group date rose and he is “shocked” at receiving the prize because he didn’t think he would get it. Ryan thinks it was a ‘safe’ call to give the rose to Jef.

Emily is not too thrilled about the whole idea of the two-to-one date with Nate and John. The date takes place on a yacht in the Bermuda Triangle, which is just not a superstition I would care to mess with! On the date, Emily takes to two guys cliff diving and then to dinner in a cave, where the guys avoid eating because they don’t want to deal with what it might do to their stomachs.

Emily and Nate talk and he says he was unhappy about having to do a two-on-one date with Emily instead of getting her alone. He actually gets a bit choked up talking about how fabulous his family and friends are. Talking later to John, he says he wants to get to know her so they can really connect. Emily decides to give the date rose to John.

Now we get to the last chances before the final rose ceremony.

The guys get pushy with Arie trying to get him to interrupt Emily’s date with Ryan. The guys don’t think Ryan is on the show for the right reason and the truth is that Ryan really does seem to just want to be there so he can be the next star of The Bachelor and all this flirting with Emily is just a big lie.

Emily has a private moment with Chris and he talks to her about being ready to get married and be a father. Doug is upset that Emily is having alone time with Chris. Chris tells Emily he is upset because some of the other guys (specifically Doug) think he is too young and immature to be a father type.

Chris takes this issue further when he calls out Doug about the maturity commentary and asks why Doug thinks he is the better choice for Emily. Doug mocks him, laughing and calling him immature. Doug tells Chris he is being insecure, while Chris tells Doug he is way over the top and he doesn’t believe anything he says.

Now it is time for the rose ceremony and for us to find out who will be going home tonight!

The guys getting a rose tonight are Alejandro, Arie, Chris, Kalon, Ryan, Sean, and Travis. The two going home tonight are Charlie and Michael.

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