The Biggest Loser 2013 Spoilers: Who Went Home in Week 5?

We were so sad when American Idol winner Ruben Studdard was the one who went home on The Biggest Loser 2013 last week! Totally did not expect that to happen. We really wanted the “Velvet Teddy Bear” to make it all the way to the finale. This week, it was just as hard to guess which contestant would be the one who was eliminated on The Biggest Loser 15. We were just really hoping it wouldn’t be another of our favorites getting the boot!

The kid ambassadors return on The Biggest Loser 2013 - Source: NBC
The kid ambassadors return on The Biggest Loser 2013 – Source: NBC

Last week on The Biggest Loser 2013, we really wished Dolvett Quince had still had his save so he could have kept Ruben Studdard from going home. However, Dolvett had already used his trainer save to rescue Tanya Winfield the previous week — and then she failed to lose much weight again last week either!

On The Biggest Loser 15 week 5, the kid ambassadors from last season returned to the show to judge a cooking challenge. The contestants had to compete to whip up healthy and delicious family meals to demonstrate what they are learning about nutrition on the ranch. The winning team got a sweet prize (and we don’t mean a sugary treat!) so it was war in the kitchen to cook the most awesome meal.

When all was said and done though, it was time for another The Biggest Loser 15 cast member to go home. But wait! What is this? Apparently the White Team broke a rule and rendered last week’s weigh-in results invalid! Jillian was giving her team caffeine supplements the week before without permission from the staff doctors. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened on the show.

This means the team will get a 4 pound disadvantage as a punishment AND Ruben Studdard is back on the Red Team! No wonder he has lost 104 lbs to date since his elimination last week, he went back to the ranch!

So who was eliminated on The Biggest Loser results tonight after all this craziness? Sadly we have to report that Jillian’s team was the losing team tonight and the person with the lowest weight loss percentage was Craig. Bummer! We really thought they would go much farther in the competition after he had a real breakthrough this week. We’ll miss you Craig! 

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