The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: Lisa Lampanellia Gets Nasty Again

This week on The Celebrity Apprentice 2012, Lisa Lampanelli let loose yet again in a nasty tirade against her fellow contestants and her mouth just gets fouler every week. Plus, one Project Manager’s injury could hold him back from success, or maybe just provide a convienant excuse for being lazy. So who got fired on The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 this week? Read on to find out!


The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 teams this week were tasked by puppeteer Brian Henson, son of Jim Henson, with creating and performing with original, adult puppets in an improv show.

Because the two teams are unbalanced due to the elimination of Lou Rerrigno last week, Donald Trump orders Clay Aiken to leave Team Unanimous and join Team Forte. Lisa Lampanelli is not pleased with this, which is hardly a surprise.

For the challenge this week, Lisa Lampanelli is the Project Manager for Team Forte. Paul Teutul, Sr. is the Project Manager for Team Unanimous. Lisa is, of course, a controlling, power-mongering Project Manager who verbally abuses her team members at any opportunity. Paul, on the other hand, is a lazy, not good for much Project Manager who just basically doesn’t seem to care what anyone is doing or not doing on his team.

Paul has to deal with a ‘back injury’ while his team creates and rehearses with their puppets. This involves doing a lot of sitting around and eating and drinking, which pisses off Aubrey O’Day quite a bit and annoys the rest of his team members.

Over on the other team, Lisa Lampanelli goes after Dayana Mendoza, getting seriously nasty and basically trying to make Dayana look like a pointless person that she has to make busy work for. Dayana is angry because she thinks Lisa is trying to get her fired by refusing to give her tasks to do and because she is a raving, disrespectful bitch.

Clay Aiken, meanwhile, thinks Lisa is just jealous, bitter and feels intimidated and threatened by Dayana’s hotness.

Back on the other The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 team, Aubrey decides the best way not to get eliminated is to work hard at being a ‘team player’ for the task. This earns her props from Arsenio Hall for throwing out a lot of ideas for the team to work with. Aubrey bitches about Paul’s laziness while basically applauding herself for being awesome.

In the end, the judges think both teams did a good job, but there were mistakes on both sides. Lisa says that if her team loses, she will not bring anyone back to the board room. She acts very upset and even starts crying (with rather fake tears and all) because she’s apparently just being seen as this terrible bad guy who ‘makes girls cry.’ Paul says he thinks his team did well but that Teresa was a weak player and he only took the PM job because no one else wanted it. He tells Arsenio he is safe from coming back in the boardroom because of how much he contributed and his versatility.

After discussing the results, the judges decide that although they thought there was too much sexualization with the puppets from Lisa’s team, they should be chosen as the winners and she gets $20,000 for her charity.

In the boardroom, Teresa basically throws Paul under the bus for being lazy and not doing much of anything. Aubrey says Paul was out of his comfort zone, but doesn’t attack him. Paul says he would not fire Aubrey because she did a great job but Teresa was not a strong contributor.

Donald Trump declares that Paul should have brought Arsenio back in the boardroom instead of Aubrey. For his final decision, he decides the celebrity who got fired from The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 this week is:

Paul Teutul, Sr

That it for our The Celebrity Apprentice episode 9 recap this week. Come back and join us again next Sunday!

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6 thoughts on “The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Recap: Lisa Lampanellia Gets Nasty Again”

  1. It’s so obvious Paul Sr got sick of those whining backstabbing women. I would have bailed the first week seeing that roster.  They also spend weeks carrying the incredible hulk of an whining immigrant when he should have been canned the first week but certainly before one handed Dee Snyder who with one hand was still more useful than the ‘Hulk” who’s biggest asset is whining

    Not to mention that other whining immigrant woman who’s only skill is beauty for the most part,  and a ditzy pop star most of the world can’t even stand to look at with those Pink hair extensions which make her look like a female Bozette the Clownette, and he just said ‘screw THIS crap’ …….

    …..I can get this with my own pain in the asssss sons who I made millionaires and they stab me in the back, I don’t need it from a bunch of power hungry broads and anyone could see that. He volunteered to bail and fail, and he did a good job of it frankly.

    He could have stepped in but he didn’t, I can see all along he was uncomfortable with the backstabbing and race card crap and the gender card being pulled every day, and if he brought back Arsenio he’d be called a racist for picking the only black guy!!!

    I freaking guarantee it…..

    As far as this US American Businessman is concerned, He walks out of there richer and happier than everyone in the room but Trump and his kids and Penn.

    The rest of them are nothing without their shows, and Sr was a business success far before any of these people again aside from Penn.  I heard that stupid jersey broad moan about his business acumen, this from a talentless chick who’s only famous for being famous on a stupid show  I can’t even believe people watch those dumb over rated housewife gigs. What a joke.

    Arsenio couldn’t even get one of his black brutha’s to cough up some money when it was his turn and then he turns to a white guy, Jay Leno, who gives him a blank check and he muffed that up. And Clay Aiken just wants to hump Arsenio. Paul Sr and Penn are the only people on that show worth a spit and I’m never watching it again.

    I actually only watched it last year for the first time because I went to High School with Academy Award winning actress Marlee Matlin and she got tossed under the bus too for lesser people./ The show breeds backstabbing and PC attitudes/.

  2. This old women Lisa how she can be soo jealous of Dayana when Dayana can be her grandMother, such a bitch, Dayana shall slap in her mouth…

  3. Lisa and Aubrey are simply the WORST.  If it gets down to the 2 of them, I hope they go to blows.  Actually, if it gets down to the 2 of them, I will never watch the apprentice again!

  4. Lisa has no reguard for anyone. Just because she and Aubrey have the loudest mouths doesn’t make them better than anyone. Lia has had it out for every attractive female cast member from the beginning( jealous much?) belittling them at every opportunity in the most vulgar way. I’m so disgusted with her my stomach turns everytime I hear her hateful voice. As soon as anyone try’s to call her on her bullshit she starts crying. We purchased 20 tickets for her show before CA aired and after seeing what a jealous horrible person she is, my husband and I put them through the shredder. Exactly where your career is going!

  5. I would not in anyway have Lisa representing my organization, she is dirty and has not respect.  

  6. I would never ever go see Lisa do her shows, she is a horrible woman and an incredible bully that should not be on the TV at
    all . Donald should appoligize for having this type of person on his show in a day and age of anti bulling.

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