The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 Spoilers: More Drama, Insults and Catfighting! (VIDEO)

The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 returns Sunday night with episode 8, “Ad Hawk,” and according to previews and spoilers, there is going to be some drama continuing to flame tonight between Aubrey O’Day and Arsenio Hall. On the previous episode, Arsenio Hall and Aubrey O’Day got into it after the comedian ended up being a doormat to the singer/actress during last week’s challenge. This week, Arsenio reportedly continues the fight while several other Celebrity Apprentice 2012 contestants also get into it hot and heavy.


In last week’s Celebrity Apprentice season 5 episode, Aubrey O’Day showed herself as a serious diva biatch when she was totally rude and insulting to her teammates and took credit for the win. Project Manager Arsenio Hall was relatively even-handed during the actual challenge, but slammed O’Day when they hit the boardroom. The singer/actress then went all girly and burst into tears in front of Mr. Donald Trump, who totally wasn’t falling for it and basically told her to STFU on the crying thing.

Even though Audrey O’Day was an obvious a-hole toward her teammates, she exited the boardroom saying, quite ironically, that she didnt’ “want to be around all the negativity anymore. The environment is so ugly. I just don’t know if this is the right place for me.” Sadly, however, O’Day did not just leave, which I personally would have been thrilled to see. Nope, she later posted to her Twittter account that she would be back.

This week, things turn even nastier between Arsenio and Audrey, according to The Celebrity Apprentic 2012 spoilers going around. We are talking about serious bad-mouthing, name-calling and all-around bitchy catfighting going on! Now, regardless of how much it might be true, I’m not sure Aresenio Hall going so far as to call Audrey O’Day a “whore” and “stank ass” is called for.

The Celebrity Apprentice spoilers for Sunday night’s episode say it is going to get “unbelievably brutal” and I personally can’t wait to see the drama unfold. I also hear that Lisa Lampanelli will be mad as hell at seeing Lou Ferrigno and Dayna Mendoza return after Donald Trump fired Dee Snider. As far as the Project Managers for this week, it looks like it may turn out to be Dayana Mendoza and Teresa Guidice. There is apparently also some nice yelling in this episode between Lisa Lampanelli and Lou Ferrigno in the boardroom.

How much fun is Sunday night’s The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 episode going to be with all this tension and back-stabbing insanity going on?

The Celebrity Apprentice 2012 airs Sunday Night at 9 pm ET/PT.

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