The Dark Knight Rises Poster Versus The Amazing Spider-Man Poster

Two more new major superhero movies are on the way and it is hard to decide which one to look forward to more. Hell, it’s hard enough to figure out which poster to like better! First there is The Amazing Spider-Man poster, featuring star Andrew Garfield hanging off a wall. Then there is Chris Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises poster, featuring a dark image of Tom Hardy‘s villain Bane standing over a broken batman mask.

The Amazing Spider-Man is a brand new reboot of the Spider-Man comic mythology, while The Dark Knight Rises is the end of an era of Chris Nolan batman movies starring Christian Bale. While it would be somewhat honest to say it’s getting tired to see Hollywood rehashing the same superheroes over and over and over — well, they keep making money off of doing it. I admit, I’ll probably be seeing both of these movies myself. I’m a superhero addict, I just can’t help myself.

Whether the movies will turn out to be classics or clunkers remains to be seen, but the preview information on both so far is relatively decent. Which movie will outshine the other? Well, it’s hard to tell at this point how well The Amazing Spider-Man will turn out, but Chris Nolan has quite a fan base for his Batman movies. So it’s probably a good bet that Batman will be the winner in this showdown.

As for The Amazing Spider-Man poster versus The Dark Knight Rises poster, it isn’t hard to see the clear winner here. While The Amazing Spider-Man poster imagery is rather cool, with star Andrew Garfield hanging from a wall and casting an aracnid shadow, the impact of The Dark Knight Rises poster is just in your face.

Both posters are rather simplistic and feature a very dark and shadowed look. No faces are shown in either. While The Amazing Spider-Man poster is intriguing with the tagline of “The Untold Story”, the batman poster grabs you and shakes you with the crushed Batman mask and the tagline of “The Legend Ends”.

I have to call this showdown a win for The Dark Knight Rises over The Amazing Spider-Man.  Now we just have to wait and see which one kicks the other’s butt at the box office!

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