The Glass House 2012 Recap: Episode 2 – First Elimination!

ABC’s The Glass House 2012 is back this week and roaring ahead despite continued nasty accusations from CBS that it is nothing more than a Big Brother clone. After watching The Glass House premiere, I personally found myself kind of bored with the whole thing, but I’m hoping this week’s episode will prove more interesting in our The Glass House TV show recap.

If ABC wants The Glass House TV show to stick around for another season, they are going to have to ramp things up. So far, The Glass House 2012 doesn’t even deserve to be called a Big Brother clone because it isn’t even close to being as engaging as CBS’s long-running reality TV show hit.


This post contains The Glass House 2012 spoilers for week 2 of the show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened or who was eliminated on The Glass House this week.

Last week on The Glass House 2012, viewers had their first look at the show’s 14 contestants: bail bondsman Alex, bookkeeper Andrea,  poet Apollo, paralegal Ashley, cocktail waitress Erica, stuntman Gene, retail sales girl Holly, cook Jacob, receptionist Jeffrey, nurse Joy, police sergeant Kevin, DJ Mike, blogger Robin, and scientist Stephanie.

Overall, I honestly didn’t find one person that I really felt like cheerleading for. The Glass House cast just felt kind of flat and lifeless. We can only hope the drama will kick in big time this week and The Glass House 2012 will prove to be more than just a boring, gimmicky reality TV clone headed for a one season run. Who was eliminated on The Glass House 2012 Monday night? Read on in our live recap of week two and find out!

After the first elimination Monday night, the remaining players will compete in a game of “Ruffle Your Tail Feathers,” where contestants must use coordination and flight to garner either rewards or punishments, voted on and selected by the viewers, based on their success within the challenge. This should be interesting…

On The Glass House 2012 premiere last week, Jacob and Alex ended up in limbo and it was down to the two of them who would end up going home. Then, Jacob just decided to up and quit, leaving Alex (the wannabe evil Reality TV villain) hanging in limbo by himself. Will Alex get to stay in The Glass House 2012 competition? Or will the viewers vote him off the show?

All the players are pretty much dishing about how much they don’t like Alex when they are told that one of the contestants in limbo has decided to quit. We know it is Jacob, but they don’t know which one it is. The players (and viewers) anxiously await the news whether or not Alex will be returning to The Glass House 2012 or not, based on the viewers’ votes.

Here comes the decision and…….. Alex is….. the first player on The Glass House 2012 to be eliminated! Oh well, guess he won’t get the chance to become the Reality TV uber villain he would so much to be.

Finally we are getting a little drama to work with here. Holly deliberately lies about who she voted to send to limbo, saying she voted to send Alex when she actually voted to send Erica. She does admit it to Erica, who teases her for using the word ‘Bro’.

Holly has also lied to the others about being an Art History major. She is actually a psychology major. She thinks that somehow will make the others think she has an advantage? Or she just likes lying about stuff? Since Holly seems to like confessing as much as she likes lying, she admits she is a pysch major when she is confronted by Andrea and Erica, but cannot even name one psychologist she has studied. Lying again?

The players now get to find out who the voters love and who they can’t stand. The votes are in and the least favorite players of the lot are Apollo and Ashley! (I agree, they both are so not worth watching.)

In order to stay safe from elimination, Apollo and Ashley will have to lead their teams to victory in a challenge game called ‘Ruffle Your Tailfeathers’. The teams must get a bunch of eggs into various birdhouses. Each of the birdhouses contains a prize or a challenge and each egg represents a player. Whatever birdhouse the egg lands in, that player either gets the prize or has to complete the challenge.

Ashley wins $1000 prize when her egg lands in a birdhouse, which is nice. Jeffrey, however, ends up having to peel 200 hard-boiled eggs by hand when he gets a birdhouse challenge. Gene is either throwing the game, has terrible eyesight or is just the worst thrower and catcher ever.

Finally it is Team Ashley who wins out over Team Apollo. This means Apollo and one other member of his team will have to go into limbo. Apollo wants it to be Gene because he thinks Gene threw the game and even tries to confront Gene about it. Yay! Drama is good! We like drama!

The players who ended up with challenges from the competition now have to do their chores. Stephanie is forced to squeeze orange juice by hand and carry packing peanuts back and forth one by one. Andrea has to blow up 500 balloons without passing out. Then, of course, there is Jeffrey, who dressed up like an old woman to do his egg peeling.

Feeling prickly, Gene decides he needs to tell everyone that he did not throw the game earlier. Does he really think anyone will believe him?

Next up we have answers from The Glass House fans for the players. Holly asks if she were sent to Limbo, would the viewers end her back to the house? Apollo asks if he switched his strategy, would the viewers vote for him? He tells them to say Stephanie if the answer is yes, and Gene if the answer is no. The viewers answer: Stephanie.

Now we’re down to the wire and it is time to find out who will be going into limbo with Apollo this week. Will it be Gene? The vote is in and it looks like it will be………….. Holly who goes into Limbo with Apollo! She better hope that viewer answer about voting her back into the house is true! Guess we’ll find out next week, when there will allegedly be lots more drama to spice things up… thank god…

Want more of The Glass House 2012? ABC will have a live online streaming feed from inside the house immediately following Monday night’s episode. Plus, every week, viewers are able to view an additional four-hour live stream from inside the house from 11:00 p.m.-3:00 a.m., ET and then again during the one-hour blocks from 3:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m., ET on Tuesdays-Thursdays.

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  1. This show sucks. They should have kept that guy in the house when that other guy quit. Even though he is a tool, atleast he was making this show somewhat watchable. Now it’s just a bunch of broring, no personality followers who will continue to all vote the same way. BORING. Let me know when it’s cancelled, or July 12 when big brother starts. Which ever comes first

  2. Thank god that I finally know that Alex was voted off I have been looking on ask, google,Wikipedia,and even you tube and I finally fount the right amswer

  3. LOL totally agree 100%… the only chance this show had was to bring back Alex.  Too boring to watch now.

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