The New Nicole Richie?

Nicole Richie is reportedly developing a new reality show where she will search for the “new Nicole”. Hmm. What could the requirements for THIS job be?
1) Sidekick for wonky-eyed
(ex) slutty friend
2) Drug addict
3) Anorexic
4) Get a DUI
5) Collection of giant sunglasses
6) Fugly boyfriend
7) Lose baby weight in 2 weeks

This sounds alot like Paris Hilton’s search for a new BFF to replace Nicole! EW reports that the unscripted show would test each of 7 contestants’ ability to achieve insta-fame and in the end, award the winner with their OWN reality show! A self-perpetuating franchise! The winner can then go on to have ANOTHER reality show to find THEM a friend! Why is it that so many “stars” have to have reality shows to help them find friends? Possibly because they’re numbnuts who have the attention span of dirt? Or maybe it’s just douche overload. Either way, SOMEBODY’S gonna get a “friend” outa all of this crap. For about 2 months.