The Sing Off Spoilers: Who Won The Sing Off Season 4?

We really don’t care who won The Sing Off 2013 tonight because we love all three of the final acts! We never thought this poor little show would ever make it back on air after the sad ratings it suffered from in season 3, but we’ve really enjoyed the ‘mini’ version series. No matter who won The Sing Off 2013 tonight, all three acts deserve our applause for helping revive this fun reality TV competition for at least one more season.

The Sing Off Home Free - Source: NBC
The Sing Off Home Free – Source: NBC

If we had to pick who would win The Sing Off tonight we would probably would have placed our tentative bets on Home Free. This all guy group gives country a whole new flair and they are true professionals. Home Free is easily the most polished act of the final three groups and they appeal to a wide swath of fans across the country. Plus, we feel they just have the best harmonies of all the remaining acts.

Still, we wouldn’t have counted out either Ten or Vocal Rush as possible The Sing Off winners tonight. Vocal Rush is about as close as you can get to a real life Glee group. They are all adorable, sweet, and they are certainly fierce on stage. They are a bit unpolished at times though and sometimes come across as a bit too generic.

The Sing Off Vocal Rush - Source: NBC
The Sing Off Vocal Rush – Source: NBC

As for Ten, this group only recently came into being, they have a strong presence on stage and some huge voices in the group. Unfortunately, we think sometimes a few of those super strong voices tend to overwhelm and outshine some of the other singers. Also, they really, really need to change their name, it is so boring.

The Sing Off Ten - Source: NBC
The Sing Off Ten – Source: NBC

In the end, we would have guessed right about The Sing Off results tonight it seems, because Home Free took the win home free and clear! Are you happy about who won The Sing Off season 4? Tell us your thoughts below!

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