The Tabs Won’t Pick Up Mariah’s Tab

Man, this recession sucks hard! So hard that Mariah Carey isn’t gonna get to have her est. $2 million dollar 2nd wedding (to Nick Cannon). Why? She wants the tabs to pay for it! Nobody’s lining up. Mimi in diamonds and rainbows and unicorns and butterflies and crystal and a whole lotta other shizz is a big YAWN.

Nick sure can’t pay for a $2 million dollar re-wedding! He thought he was gettin’ off good with the quickie Bahamas hitchin’ and the carnival! Welcome to Mimi’s world, Nick. You have married one HIGH-maintenance diva. She’s not gonna pay for her OWN wedding when the media’s shoved so much cash up her booty before! Maybe if it weren’t your 10th wedding, Mariah, the pics would bring some dough. But it’s hard out there for the papz, and they’re saving the money for something a little more interesting. Like pretty much anything else.

Just keep on shopping, y’all. At least they’ll TAKE your picture.