Last night on The Voice 2012 instant eliminations, viewers watched Pip go home from Team Adam Levine and James Massone from Team Cee Lo Green. Now, on The Voice 2012 elimination results show Tuesday night, two more contestants will go home. We have our The Voice 2012 predictions for who got voted off this week. Who do you think will be sent packing this week?

On The Voice 2012 live instant eliminations on Monday night, we bid a sad farewell to Pip from Team Adam and James Massone from Team Cee Lo. Neither instant elimination was shocking (unlike Jesse Campbell‘s from Team Christina Aguilera last week), although there were plenty of fans who disagreed with the choices of who was sent home.

On Tuesday’s The Voice 2012 elimination results show, the voters will decide who ends up in the bottom and will have to sing for their lives to try for a save from the judges. On Team Adam, the two I expect to probably end up on the bottom with the voters are Mathai and Katrina Parker. Based on his track record and the overwhelmingly positive response to his performance last night, I expect Tony Lucca will be safe.

In making a The Voice 2012 prediction for elimination between Mathai and Katrina Parker, I am going to have to guess that Adam Levine will decide to save Mathai. Personally, I kind of would prefer Katrina Parker to stay between the two of them, but I don’t think Adam will agree with me.

Over on Team Cee Lo, making a The Voice 2012 prediction for who will end up in the bottom two  with the judges is a little more difficult. Both Jamar Rogers and Juliet Simms are heavy favorites, but Cheesa has had really great performances the past two weeks. When push comes to shove, I think I will have to guess at it being Juliet and Cheesa who end up in the bottom two with the voters this week in The Voice 2012 elimination results.

Unfortunately for Cheesa, who really has stepped it up recently, if it comes down to her versus Juliet, I really think my The Voice 2012 prediction for elimination this week on Team Cee Lo will have to be her. I could be surprised on this one, but I really do think Cee Lo Green will choose Juliet over Cheesa. If it should somehow come down to Jamar versus Cheesa, I can almost guarantee Cheesa would lose out in that face off as well.

So what are your The Voice 2012 elimination results predictions for this week?

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