The Voice 2012 Live Elimination Results: Four Go Home (VIDEO)

On Tuesday night, viewers watched four contestants go home on The Voice 2012 live elimination results show. Two singers from Team Christina Aguilera and two singers from Team Blake Shelton were kicked off by the voters after failing to impress The Voice judges enough to be saved at the last minute.

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD – STOP now if you haven’t watched the show and don’t want to know!

On Team Blake, those ruled safe from elimination by The Voice 2012 voters were Erin Willet, Jermaine Paul and RaeLynn (who seems to have been so excited she accidentally let a few curse words slip out live on air). In the bottom three from Team Blake, we had Naia Kete, Charlotte Sometimes and Jordis Unga. While I was on the fence about Jordis, I absolutely agree with the choice of Charlotte and Naia to be in the bottom this week. I kind of thought Charlotte might get a pass, but she didn’t deserve one and I’m glad the voters agreed.

On Team Christina, The Voice live elimination voters chose to put through Jesse Campbell, Lindsey Paveo and Chris Mann. Personally, I’d expected Lindsey Pavoa would end up in the bottom considering how off-pitch her performance was on Monday night.

I was actually a bit surprised to see Ashley De La Rosa end up in the bottom three after what I thought was a really lovely performance. If I’d had the choice, I would have switched Lindsey Pavoa and Ashley De La Rosa for The Voice elimination night. Also in The Voice 2012 bottom three for Team Blake were Sera Hill and Moses Stone. Neither of them were particularly impressive and, frankly, I thought Moses was particularly off on Monday night with his Kanye West impersonation.

For their ‘sing for your life’ performances, it was a mixed bag of good, bad and relatively impressive. On Team Blake, Naia Kete sounded rough on Beyonce‘s “If I Were a Body” and the judges complained she would have sounded better doing a song more comfortable for her. She then complained “they wouldn’t let me” pick a reggae song to do. Whine, whine, whine.

Charlotte sometimes did a rather nice performance of Goo Goo Dolls’ “Iris” that I actually somewhat enjoyed, despite the fact that I”m not all that fond of her in general. As for Jordis Unga, she was a bit tame and sedate on “Wild Horses’ by the Stones, but the performance wasn’t bad, just kind of boring in my opinion. The judges seemed to like it, however.

In the end, Blake Shelton decided to go with the unanimous opinions of Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine, who said they would save Jordis Unga. Charlotte Sometimes and Naia Kete were both eliminated.

On Team Christina, Ashley De La Rosa sang an upbeat, well-received “Paris (Ooo La La) by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. After her performances this week, Ashley has definitely grown on me. Sera Hill droned out a not so fabulous rendition of “Vision of Love” by Mariah Carey that did nothing for me personally. While Moses Stone did refrain from rapping in his song Tuesday evening, he still didn’t sound all that totally fabulous with his performance of “Breakeven” by The Script.

In the end, the judges disagreed over who they would send home. Adam and Blake both thought Ashley should stay, but Cee Lo said he’d save Sera if it was his choice. Thankfully, Christina decided to go with the majority and chose to save Ashley to sing another week.

Next week on The Voice 2012, Team Cee Lo and Team Adam take the stage on Monday to battle it out on the road to the finals.

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