The Voice 2012 Finale Recap: Who Won The Voice Season 3!

The Voice season 3 wraps up tonight after a long season of fabulous performances and dramatic eliminations. The Voice results show finale this evening will finally reveal which of the top 3 finalists will be walking away with a fat recording contract and a whole new life. While many fan sites are placing heavy odds on iTunes top favorite Cassadee Pope as The Voice season 3 winner, some diehard believers are betting on Scottish rocker Terry McDermott or even underdog Nicholas David to steal the grand prize. Who won The Voice 2012 season 3 is about to be revealed. Join us for our live The Voice results show recap for the season 3 finale!

Terry McDermott, Cassadee Pope, host Carson Daly and Nicholas David on The Voice. Photo credit: NBC.

Fans have been waiting all season for The Voice season 3 finale to arrive and the official results of who won The Voice 2012 season 3 to be announced. Now that The Voice finale for season 3 is here, however, some are feeling like it is all a bit anticlimactic. All season long it seems like Cassadee Pope of Team Blake Shelton has been the favorite to beat. The judges love her, the iTunes downloaders can’t get enough of her and last night she gave three nearly flawless performances. So, if Cassadee Pope is really destined to be the person who won The Voice 2012 season 3, why are we even bothering to watch?

Well, let’s not forget that last season, Jermaine Paul was not the person most widely predicted to emerge as The Voice winner. Yet, he somehow managed to bring in enough votes at the end to crush Juliet Simms and Tony Lucca, who had formerly been considered to have much better odds to win. Time after time on The Voice and on various other talent reality TV shows, fans have watched as the person declared the ‘favorite’ by fan sites and media outlets does not end up taking the grand prize. Who won The Voice season 3 could end up being just as much of a surprise tonight, regardless of who was the biggest hit on iTunes or has the most rabid fans on Twitter.

While many seem to think Cassadee Pope has the odds in her favor to be The Voice season 3 winner tonight, there are plenty of very good reasons why she could walk away empty-handed. If you want a rundown on some of them, feel free to check out our previously prediction post on who won The Voice 2012 season 3 here.

Personally I am not ready to declare any of the top 3 contestants as The Voice season 3 winner until the final voting results are announced. Cassadee Pope has been the darling of the judges, the audience and the iTunes fans all season long, but that doesn’t automatically give her the win. Nicholas David is an incredible singer, a stellar musician and his fans are rabidly loyal, but he may not have enough of them to propel him to the top. Terry McDermott has a story that warms your heart and a rock star presence fit to grace the stage of a stadium anywhere, but it just may not be enough to overcome Cassadee’s made-for-the-cameras look and easy, breezy vocal style.

No matter who wins The Voice season 3, all three of the top 3 finalists have earned their place on the finale stage tonight. Hopefully it will just be the beginning of a long and fabulous career for all of them. (Or a continuation of one, if former Hey Monday lead singer Cassadee Pope wins.) My only regret in tuning in to The Voice results show season finale tonight is not seeing De’Borah of Team Christina Aguilera standing up there with the other three finalists.

Ready to find out who won The Voice season 3 2012?

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