The Voice 2012 Live Elimination Results: Team Adam and Team Cee Lo

On The Voice 2012 elimination results show Tuesday night, two more contestants will be headed home in round two of the quarterfinals. Who will the voters decide should get voted off The Voice? Which contestants will the judges decide deserve to be saved to make it through to the semifinals? Read on in our The Voice 2012 recap for more!


Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happens on The Voice 2012 elimination results show on Tuesday night!

On The Voice 2012 last night, the instant elimination results were not nearly as shocking as last week when fan favorite Jesse Campbell was sent packing by Christina Aguilera. Although it was sad to see Pip from Team Adam Levine and James Massone from Team Cee Lo Green go home in The Voice 2012 instant eliminations Monday night, it was not a big surprise that neither of them made it through to the semifinals based on their track records in the competition so far.

For Tuesday night on The Voice 2012 elimination results show, who got voted off is likely to cause far more distress to the fans than last night’s instant eliminations. All of the remaining contestants on Team Cee Lo Green and Team Adam Levine have strong fan bases. Plus, at least on Cee Lo Green’s team, all three singers are perhaps equally deserving of making it to the next round, so deciding who should go home is going to be rough for him and the fans.

In my The Voice 2012 predictions for who would get voted off Tuesday night, it seemed perhaps too easy to figure out who would go home from Team Adam. I guessed that Tony Lucca would end up safe based on his history of strong performances and his great performance last night. So, I thought that would leave Katrina Parker and Mathai in the bottom two for Adam Levine to have to choose between. From those two contestants, I predicted that Adam would choose Mathai to save.

On Team Cee Lo, I had a harder time figuring out who would be in the bottom two because I felt that Jamar Rogers and Juliet Simms were both very strong favorites with the judges and the voters. In the end, I decided that Juliet Simms was the more likely one to end up in the bottom two with Cheesa. I could not imagine that Cee Lo woudl choose not to save Juliet rather than Cheesa.

So how did my The Voice 2012 predictions for this week pan out? Let’s move right along to The Voice 2012 live elimination results show and find out!

The Voice 2012 show kicks off Tuesday night with a flashback of last night’s performances and the emotional instant elimination results. Next up we have a performance from Florence + The Machine with their new single accompanied by members of Team Cee Lo.

Adam says after eliminating Pip last night in The Voice 2012 instant eliminations, he received hate mail and death threats!

Team Adam — Bottom Two:

  • Katrina
  • Mathai

Team Cee Lo — Bottom Two:

  • Cheesa
  • Juliet

The contestants will now sing for their lives to determine which one from each team will be saved by their team leaders, and which one will end up voted off The Voice 2012.

The bottom two from Team Adam are up first to perform their ‘save me’ songs.

Mathai decides to sing “Cowboy Casanova” by Carrrie Underwood, which I think is kind of a risky and odd song for her. Honestly, I don’t think she pulled it off all that well. I still think Adam will choose her to stay, but if he is waffling at all, this could have been a very bad move.

Blake Shelton says he is glad Mathai went for trying a country song. Christina Aguilera thinks Mathai actually did better on this song than she did in last night’s performances. Cee Lo thought the aggression on the song was good and showed Mathai really is passionate about staying.

Katrina Parker is up next and she has chosen “Perfect” by Pink to try to impress Adam and land the save. I like the rendition personally, although it is far from ‘perfect’.

Blake Shelton says the positive response from the audience speaks for itself and thinks Katrina did better than Mathai. Christina thinks Katrina picks good songs for herself and agrees with Blake. Cee Lo says it was a good song choice and a good performance.

Blake Shelton says he would choose Katrina because she really brought it tonight. Christina says she would choose Katrina with no doubt.  Cee Lo says he agrees with the other judges. Adam waffles and is torn but finally decides…

The eliminated contestant from Team Adam is:

  • Mathai (I got that one wrong.)

Cheesa chooses to perform “Already Gone” by Kelly Clarkson. Unfortunately after several weeks of really good performances, this one just doesn’t quite do the job. Cheesa sounds flat and pitchy throughout and it lacks fire.

Blake Shelton thought the song sounded flat, although he gets excited by hearing Cheesa sing. Christina says Cheesa has done amazing things on the show but her pitch was off. Adam says last night’s Whitney Houston song was awesome, but tonight’s was pitchy and not as strong.

Juliet Simms chooses to perform “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia. I thought it was nice, but not her best performance. I still think it was better than Cheesa by far.

Blake says he may not have chosen her in the blind auditions, but he loves her now because she is unique. Christina says she is a fan of Juliet’s voice but this wasn’t her favorite.

Blake says he would save Juliet. Christina also says she would pick Juliet. Cheesa is crying. Cee Lo finally decides…

The eliminated contestant from Team Cee Lo is:

  •  Cheesa

That’s a wrap for our The Voice 2012 elimination results this week! Join us again next week here at for our next The Voice 2012 recap!

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