Tuesday night on The Voice 2012, two more contestants will go home after America votes to decide which of the remaining singers deserve to move on to the next round. Who got voted off The Voice 2012 Tuesday night? Read on to find out!


On The Voice 2012 last night, many fans were shocked when one of the favorite remaining singers was the victim of a brand new instant elimination twist. Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton were both forced to choose one member of their respective teams to send home before the voters even got a chance to have their say.

Blake Shelton decided to send home Jordis Unga from Team Blake, which did upset her fans somewhat but did not seem like an outrageous decision since he had already given her one second chance.

Over on Team Christina, the decision of Christina Aguilera to eliminate fan favorite Jesse Campbell, however, received quite a different reaction. Fans of Campbell and the show spread their anger over the elimination far and wide across the Internet in protest, including many dozens of outraged comments right here on our site.

On Tuesday night’s The Voice 2012 elimination results show, the remaining contestants were left to find out their fate at the hands of the voters before facing the judges for the final time.

Remaining on Team Blake were Erin Willet, Raelynn and Jermaine Paul. From this set of three, I would have predicted the weak link would be Erin Willet. While I’m not personally a huge fan of either Raelynn or Jermaine, Erin has definitely had the weakest performances of the three on The Voice 2012 so far.

Over on Team Christina, I never thought Jesse Campbell would not make it this far, so was a little confused about exactly what would happen with the remaining contestants. I believed Ashley De La Rosa was probably the safest bet to make it through to next week, but was a little torn on whether the voters would choose to oust Lindsey Pavao or Chris Mann (although I thought it should be Mann based on his performance track record).

So who was eliminated on The Voice 2012 Tuesday night by the voters?

In America’s votes for Tuesday’s The Voice 2012 live quarterfinals, the person safe on Team Christina is Chris Mann! (What? Really?)

The person safe on Team Blake is Jermaine Paul! (Okay, that one I can understand.)

The other two contestants on each team will now perform for the judges.

Ashley De La Rosa performs first with “You and I” by Lady Gaga. Adam Levine says he thought she was good, but it was not his favorite performance. However, he says he would still keep her. Blake Shelton says he really likes Ashley and would buy her record.

Lindsey Pavao performans next with “Please Don’t Go” by Mike Posner. Christina is all choked up over the performance and Cee Lo thinks the performance is great. Blake Shelton says he likes her mystery.

Then we have a pause while Justin Bieber premieres his new “Boyfriend” music video clip. And…………. back to the results.

Christina Aguilera is visibly upset about having to choose who she will save from The Voice 2012 elimination results this week. Finally, she declares she will save Lindsey Pavao. Ashley De La Rosa will go home. I totally disagree with this choice personally.

On Team Blake, the first up to perform is Erin Willette doing “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner. Christina liked it a lot and thought Erin had great spirit and energy.

Raelynn takes the stage to sing “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry. Adam Levine says it is not his favorite, but it is good.

Blake waffles about his choice, looking very unhappy before finally deciding he is going to give his save to Erin Willette. Again, I would not have gone with that choice, but I really don’t like Erin, so I am biased.

That’s all for The Voice 2012 elimination results this week!

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