The Voice 2012 Live Quarterfinals Instant Elimination Twist!

Update: The Voice 2012 Live Quarterfinals Shocking Instant Elimination!

On The Voice 2012 quarterfinals Monday might, there will be a new twist to keep fans on the edge of their seat. This week who gets through to the next round won’t just depend on who got voted off The Voice 2012 this week by the viewers. Who makes it through will also depend on who the judges choose to be voted on by the viewers in the first place.

For The Voice elimination results twist on the live show this week, both Blake Shelton and Christina Aquilera will have to choose one of their team members to go home during an instant elimination.

Here is how The Voice 2012 elimination results twist will happen. Following the performances by both Team Christina and Team Blake, each of the team mentors will have to select one of their remaining four contestants for an instant elimination. This will leave only three members each on Team Blake and Team Christina for the voters to cast their votes for.

In addition to The Voice 2012 elimination results twist tonight, viewers will also be gifted with a premiere of Justin Bieber‘s new “Boyfriend” music video and a rumored ‘special surprise’. Christina Agquilera and Blake Shelton will also perform with their teams, and Adam Levine will perform with his band, Maroon 5.

The Voice 2012 live performances air Monday night on NBC at 8 pm ET/ST.

>> The Voice 2012 Live Quarterfinals Shocking Instant Elimination!

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33 thoughts on “The Voice 2012 Live Quarterfinals Instant Elimination Twist!”

  1. I think Christina and Blake made the wrong choice for elimination tonight. It seemed fishy to me and i believe Jesse sounded better than Christina live!

  2. Jesse should not have been eliminated. There must be something else goimg on. I mean he sang better than anyone else on the show. My friends and I said we were going to stop watching the show, but there is a guy on celo and there is one on blakes team that are both great singers. If their coachrs are really looking for the voice, they wont screw up like christina did. I Really cant believe she did that. If thats a ploy by the voice to spice up show, you blew it. You are losing viewers.

  3. Stunned by coaches’ choices for elimination!  I wanted Lindsay to win the entire show!  Very disappointing…..  didn’t bother to vote for anyone else!  Don’t care for the new “twist” at all!

  4. This is the first time in the history of watching these types of shows that an elimination actually hurt my heart.    I never thought that anyone could top Nicole’s stupidity on X Factor when she eliminated Elaine Gibbs but Christina, you have just lost a viewer.   Not even going to vote for anyone else.   If the same theme follows like on all other talent shows, I believe that JP will be next.   America the Great for you

  5. As of tonight, I am no longer watching the voice, it is a total crock of crap. Jessie was THE BEST. shame on you Christina.

  6. In the history of watching these types of shows no decision has hurt my heart as the one made by Christina tonight.    I never thought that any decision would have topped Nicole’s (on X factor) as being the most stupid when she eliminated Elaine Gibbs but Christina, you have prooven the mythe about blondes tonight.   Not only would I not vote but will never watch that show again……what a waste.   You looked like a bimbo tonight and you judged like a idiot.   If the theme follows all such talent shows in America JP would be next.   You people are a big joke


  8. Christina you BLEW IT Jessie is the most gifted vocalist on that show he has the CHOPS you said it yourself HE CAN SING THE PHONE BOOK OR THE ALPBits  Christina you need to find away to get him back on


  10. Jesse was the reason I watched the voice. Since his battle with the preachers son (who by the way is a better singer then many people still on the show) he’s been my favorite.UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!! I’M DONE!!!!!

  11. Christina you are so petty!  Just because Jessie wouldn’t listen to your bad advice, you got rid of him.  Shame on you and BIG ups to Jessie.

  12. I dont think Christina has a clue about what it takes to win the Voice. Dumbest decision ever on this show, The look on Adams face said it all even he new that she just sent home the guy who was going to win this season

  13. Have to correct my earlier note!  I was so annoyed I mistakenly typed Lindsay.  Meant to say JORDIS!  Her rendition of Wild Horses last week made me believe in her!   Her voice is amazing!  Get rid of the “twist” and let the fans do the initial voting!

  14. Was Christina drinking Blake’s drunk juice to make her say the wrong name? What! It was silent after she cut Jesse because ee were all waiting for her to say “just kidding!”. We were all in shock. I can’t take this show seriously at all now. Horrible.

  15. I am so confused and disappointed! This has to he a belated April fools joke, Christina really!!!!

  16. I do NOT like the new “twist”. At this point, it should be up to the fans, not the coaches. If you are trying to find who has the Voice to make it big, itis a singer’s appeal to a large, diverse audience, not ONE person with their own personal point of view. HUGE tactile error on the part of the VOICE. It was one of my favorite shows. If you’re just going to go ahead and decide who goes home yourselves, why do you need viewers? I guess you don’t.

  17. Who did Blake send home? I see by everyone’s comments that Jesse went and I agree that is a HUGE mistake by Christina!! He is awesome!!

  18. Christina sucks! Her choice makes no sense whatsoever! Who would eliminate one of the best singers on the show? I won’t be watching this show anymore, because it is no longer about the voice!

  19. Just found our that Christina voted off Jesse. Wow! Are u kidding me? First I had to endure the less than slutty Christina live performance and then she double triples her poor taste by removing the best performer on the show this year. I thought this show rocked until tonight. Look out ….. Why mess with your ratings? Are you going to self destruct? So disappointed!

  20. i wanna believe that Jesse was let go because he was offered a record deal..just watch in a couple of months his single will be out. and Jordis u just had to go!!

  21. This has to be case of Jesse doing something to upset Christina’s big EGO.   He was at least top 3 if not the best singer in the competition.  Same goes for Blakes decision.  Erin did a horrible rendition of Adele’s song. 

  22. I don’t know what christina was thinking cant say she sees something in them cause they all sucked compared him. The look on adams face even said wtf!

  23. If she is going to use the excuse that she wants singers who will stretch themselves, then why keep the one who would not sing the song she chose, but let the singer pick a “safe” song she wanted and then keep her.  Why when it was obvious Jesse felt challenged by Beyounce and I don’t blame him, did she get rid of him after he not only killed it, but made it his own.  If you didn’t want to keep him fine, they gave you that choice.  But don’t make up some excuse that doesn’t hold water.  The others who where challenged didn’t own it the way Jesse did, you have give him that Christina.  He did what you asked, and killed it.  Guess I watch dancing with the stars since I don’t trust we are looking for the “voice”, but watching “pro’s” play with the live of people they like who have dreams.   So sad today.  I bragged this show up for a year to my friends who didn’t watch last year.  I shall have to make amends, not the same show.    

  24. I believe Christina was force to make this decision by the network something else is going on behind the scenes with Jessie.Just wait it will come out.Know network want to take this sort of hit in the middle of the season unless it was absolutely necessary .

  25. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  This show is toast….I can’t imagine anyone wanting to see the rest….What a shame that the best performer by far was eliminated.  I really hope the public eliminates NBC’s Voice off their channels to the end….That was the stupidist decision I ever witnessed.  I hope for the sake of the show…the three other judges come up with a solution to keep Jessie alive and throw out Christina…what a joke!!

  26. What a world, there are people like Christina who is born to break the heart of millions. This dude is one of the finest vocalist I ever seen in a show like this and of course is very rare to find one like him too.It is mind boggling to live with such insanity and prejudice. Man, you are already is a super star and keep doing what you are doing.

  27. Christina actually gave us the reason she really cut Jesse, and it wasnt about his VOICE.  She spoke of team and of coach-coachability; perhaps Jesse was too big for her.  I guess its true shes a Diva who can give it but not take it.  I’ll wait until next year to watch the show again.  

  28. Wow Christina Aquilera just snubbed Justin Bieber stuck out her hand and he hugs her and she gives the dirtiest look.Wow she definitely brings controversy and that sells in America.

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