The Voice 2012 Live Quarterfinals Shocking Instant Elimination!

The Voice 2012 live quarterfinals on Monday night was just one surprise after another and not all of them were pleasant. In fact, some The Voice fans are extremely displeased with the judges over the sudden, shocking elimination of one singer previously considered a strong favorite to win! Who did the judges vote off The Voice Monday night and who is still left to face The Voice 2012 elimination results show tomorrow night? Read on to find out!

On Monday night’s The Voice 2012 live quarterfinals, Team Christina Aquilera and Team Blake Shelton battled it out to win America’s votes and make it through to the next round. However, they had to face a brand new twist for the first time that would throw everything into chaos and spark outrage from a large number of fans.


On The Voice 2012 Monday night, a surprise instant elimination twist was tossed into the mix, forcing Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton to each choose one singer from their teams to eliminate before the voters even got a chance to voice their opinions about the night’s performances.

On Team Christina, all of the remaining singers gave admirable performances, but Jesse Campbell and Ashley De Le Rosa really seemed to stand out over fellow team members Lindsey Pavao and Chris Mann. The Voice 2012 judge Adam Levine told Jesse Campbell he was a “huge favorite” to win the whole competition. Blake Shelton said saving Ashley De Le Rose from elimination was the smartest decision made all season.

Considering the past track record of the remaining contestants on Team Christina and the night’s performances, it was quite a shock to some fans when Aguilera announced that the person she was going to send home off her team in the instant elimination was… Jesse Campbell!

Personally, I would absolutely not have sent Jesse home after a really great song and a history of strong performances. Instead, I would have given the boot to Chris Mann, who did a weird version of “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay, or to Lindsey Pavao, who did some strange things to Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” and was quite pitchy in places.

Over on Team Blake, the best performance of the night was a toss up for me betwen country girl RaeLynn doing Jason Aldean‘s “She’s Country” and an emotional Jermaine Paul doing Phil Collins‘ “Against All Odds.”

While personally I felt that Erin Willett probably deserved to go home for her track record of rather weak performances and her wobbly rendition of Adele‘s “Set Fire to the Rain” this week, Blake Shelton disagreed. Instead, he decided that the save of Jordis Unga last week was her last chance and sent the rocker girl home.

What do you think of The Voice 2012 eliminations tonight and who do you think will get voted off The Voice on Tuesday by the viewers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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60 thoughts on “The Voice 2012 Live Quarterfinals Shocking Instant Elimination!”

  1. I thought christina made a terrible choice in letting jesse go. He was definitely on my list of favorites. I think christina might end up regretting that decision. I also didn’t agree with blakes pick. I would never have let rae lyn get as far as she has. Am I the only one that thinks she is absolutely horrible? I thought her performance this week was better than the one a few weeks ago but I don’t understand at all what the judges see in her. I thought she mangled the maroon 5 song. The whole performance looked like a joke.

  2. Jesse Campbell? Jesse Campbell?!?! What a dirty bitch, I hate her ass now! I don’t want to call her a racist, but I’m starting to think of her in that way in what was the most inane, non-sensical choice to eliminate that any of them could choose. How in the hell could she pick Jesse Campbell to leave – what meds is she on? That was my last show, fuck her and Blakes too for not getting rid of the big girl who cannot leave her range to save a box of donuts! I thought Cee-lo was an ass for getting rid of his strongest singers in season 1 – but Crustina DIRECTLY voting  Jesse Campbell off was by far worse than what Cee-Lo did. That wasn’t a surprise, it was a lynching.

  3. I was absolutely shocked that Jesse Campbell was sent home by Christina! I thought for sure it would be Chris Mann or Lindsey Pavao. I don’t think either of them are star quality. As for Blake – I was sure it was Erin going home – not Jordis!  Holy cow…what is going on???!!!

  4. I was waiting for someone to say …surprise…we’re just fooling around. How do you eliminate the BEST SINGER on the whole show. I will NEVER, EVER watch this show again. Christina must be smoking crack to make a decision like that…or is she going to sign Jesse herself?!?! What’s really goin’ on…

  5. Both Christina and Blake are done!!! They just voted 2 of the best singers in the competition. I think Adam is taking this year too, celo should keep the rocker and he might have a chance in winning. 🙂
    iam done watching the 2 people i liked are eliminated.
    I’ve purchased Jordis’ music from when she competed on Rock Star INXS. I’ve been a fan since.

  6. I first experienced Jesse Campbell’s music over 14 years ago when he ministered in music at my church and was mesmerized then. He has a God given talent. Yes, he has a few CD’s that are Christian based but lost his contract eventually. He also has songs in some movies soundtracks. I do not question his story of being homeless as it would be no point to lie especially when a child is involved. I do know that the Voice allows artists that have once had contracts. As long as they do not have one now. There are several contestants over past 2 seasond that have sopme previoius fame. Frenchie, Tarralyn Ramsey and even a few this season mentioned they had deals or CD’s that were not marketed. I definately was hoping to see Jesse wim or at least make it to finals but I pray the exposure he got on Voice will revitalize his career anyway to a new fan base.. God Bless you Jesse!

  7. Wow Christina ur brutal I hope noone ever Picks u as a coach again, Jesse was absolutely one of the best singers in this competition. U lost all ur trust.

  8. I missed the elimination segment because I switched over to DWTS.  When I turned it back I could NOT believe seeing Jordis left on the stage in tears.  Then when I saw that Jesse was missing, that was even worse!!!!  He was fabulous tonight!  In fact, when I switched on the TV, he was in the middle of his song and I didn’t know who I was watching.  I thought he was some recording artist, he was so good.  (sorry, I’m still not able to recognize all the contestants!).  IMHO, Raelynn and Chris or Lindsay should have been booted. 

  9. Wow!  I didn’t realize she was on that show? I watched that!   I’m so sad she’s gone.  I think she should’ve chosen a more powerful song, though.  That song didn’t show her talent as much as it should’ve.

  10. I never cared for her either.  She’s not consistent..probably needs a few more years. 

  11. Shell shocked! How on earth did Christina let Jesse go, he has “The Voice”, and Blake… Nobody sings like Adelle, wrong choices all around last night , hope Adam and Celo do better tonight or else won’t be watching further!!!!

  12. Unlike Blake Christina must be in the spot light over the contestants. She is always snotty to the other teams stand outs. Now she kicks off the best the show had to offer. She most have been scared if the attention he was getting. One a bright note I loved how Blake let his singers stand out over him when the preformed. Very classy. Take a lesson coaches. The show is about them not you.

  13. No need for me to finish watching the show. First, Xtina makes the group performance all about her making her team backup singers. Then she boots Jesse. Put up with her ego long enough. Back to DWTS…

  14. First year watching the voice and it’s the last. I don’t think my hearing is in tune with these judges! Jessie! Really?!!

  15. First  Christina forces her 2 best singers, ( both black ) to face each other…which forces 1 to be eliminated.   Then she boots the best singer in the competition.  There must have been something going on behind the scenes.  I am finished with the show for this season

  16. well im so glad christina got rid of the cry baby because all he did was cry about wanting to do this because he wanted to take care of his famliy if thats the case then go to work like all of us do you are on the show because you like to sing its your passion not because you are thinking  that you will be able to take care of your famliy, and about blake someone should tell him that there is nashville star show where he can tak3e his dumb ass RAELYNN he let go of a grrrreat singer to keep a rotten raelynn whom has no talent at all i thought this show was for all not for just a country fiasco, thats what i think,

  17. Christina put herself out of the race last nite with her elimination of jessie. What the hell was she thinking? That last visit to the hair salon not only bleached her hair but caused brain damage as well. I didn’t agree with Blake’s choice either but at least he didn’t. throw his best under the bus!

  18. Your an Idiot!!! Of course he want’s to win to support his family…I do agree that Blake’s decision was wrong i liked her. But your still an idiot for believing Jessie should be gone. Best voice on the show!

  19. I believe Jesse deserved to win the entire competition.  I am not sure why Christina cut Jesse.  Sounds questionable to me.  Perhaps there was some type of issue there we did not see?  The Voice is becoming boring.  Blake chooses one horrible singer each season that we must listen to agonizingly…Zenia and now RaeLynn.  Please, Blake, there are some great country singers in the US that deserve a big break.   Find them.  
    NBC…please no more single elimination by coaches.  Millions of people voting versus 1 possibly tainted coaches decision, that is a no brainer.

  20. Christina is a dumb ass … I can’t stand her now. She just ruined any credibility she had left. Who in their right mind would choose this fake ass mental midget for a mentor in season 3? I know I won’t be watching as many have already dumped this show and it is directly because of her … fire her dumb ass and get a real judge

  21. She is an idiot ..plain and simple. No good can ever come from her participation in ANY talent show.

  22. Who would ever want to pick Christina as a Mentor after this. She blew it for me. No more The Voice in my house.

  23. JESSE OUT!!! I wanted him to go with Adam or Ceelo from the beginning!! Wow Im not watching it anymore.

  24. I am disgusted with both cristina and blakes choices. I really hope neither of their groups win. I’m hoping to see something about Jesse getting picked up by a music label…he so deserves it. Raelynn is ridiculous!! Jordis was awesome. Im only going to watch to follow Celo and Adam. I’m enjoying American idol over the voice this time.

  25. Christina couldn’t work with Jesse because he is already better than her. What a pompous, self important a-hole she is. She robbed him of a better life and probably cost herself the win. Also remember how she stabbed her old Mickey Mouse buddy in the back last week. I am done watching this show as ;ong as she is on it. Shes just mean.

  26. Christina, I think you are a dumb ass as well you sit there pretending you are looking for the right person to help you win, and then kick off your best  (jessie) how stupid can you be. I hate you for that you just did not want another BLACK MAN to win that’s all

  27. Christina messed up last night. Many viewers agree when i say that the show is fixed. How could she have eliminated what might have been the best voice on the show? In reality she should be voted off the show. After her personal problems she fell off a little, maybe this is just a reason for a spin off as a publicity stunt. Shame on you!

  28. Christina! Horrible performance first of all. And second fix your life, loose wieght and get back in the game. If you are not going to be true to the show then dont even bother!

  29. Lack of empathy…thats what you have. Unfortunately Jessie has the life he has. Go fuck yourself! Some people dont have it as easy as others. God gave him a gift and he is using it. You must be a frustrated person. SAD!

  30. The Voice was supposed to be a talent contest about vocal capabilities; so how in the hell did Jessie Campbell get the ax? Christina cost the ratings for this show.  The only real talent contest on the air is America’s Got Talent!  All of the other contest are rigged and only concern themselves with their own personal agendas. I hope people stop buying Christina’s music as I personally know she can’t really sing herself.  She should be  taking lessons from Jessie Campbell.

  31. I agree.  I truly believe America should not watch the remaining season nor support  an upcoming  season.  Christina needs to be replaced.  She is certaining dealing with some  issues and is not fair as a  judge.

  32. As well  she should.  I am not watching the show  as long as she remains on it.

  33. Christina.. Christina.. Christina..Christina.. Jessie has the voice of an angel. I see you do not want a winner to come from your team. I wish NBC will take that power back from the judges.. It goes to say, it is not what you know or how talented you are, but who you hold dear to your heart and surely Jessie was not near yours. Why work on building and wishing to build talent when you had the greatest voice right in front of your face.. Jessie did not need to grow because he was well prepared and I could see him winning this entire competition. I love the show regardless and still love you Christina. I JUST DO NOT WANT TO BE ON YOUR TEAM BECAUSE YOU REALLY DO NOT KNOW REAL TALENT… If anyone ON  your current team win, then viewer will know for sure that it was all a setup. THE VOICE #1

  34. CHRISTINA IS THE DUMBEST CRAP I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!!! She made the stupidest choose ever of letting Jesse go. There better be a place where he can get a second chance. Jesse was on my ULTI-FAVORITE LIST!!! If they send home Jamar Rogers I’m gonna be so mad!!!!! >:(

  35. It was horrible to See Christina put the 2 best talenta against each other…Jesse and the other black guy.  Last nite she ruined it for me by cutting Jesse the obvious winner to be.  I suspect he didn’t pick a song she suggested and she had a hissy fit by cutting him out of retaliation.  Awful and outrageous!

  36. I’m on west coast, I kept trying to vote for Jesse but got busy signal
    now I know why. They were 3 hrs early on east coast, he had already gotten the boot, so I couldn’t’ vote. I am so upset about Jesse
    he was great. They should have let the public decide, what kind of talent sho is this.  VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  37.  I wish they would get rid of Christina. I don’t think it’s because she’s a racist…I think she just a conceited skank.

  38. Did Rayray just say that he is glad that Christina let Jesse go because he stated he wanted to make it for his daughter? I guess there are two people that believe Jesse should have been voted off, Christina, and not this Rayray person. I dont need to speak to how good Jesse was on this show, he gave me goosebumps when he sang, and thats an indication that he is good. I have a true passion and love for music that I can not explain, and Im sure they had an argument behind the scenes. If you guys observe the look on this face when Christina was stumbling to speak before she eliminated him, its as if he knew something was going to happen.

  39. I absolutely agree!!!!!  What was Christina thinking?  I don’t understand how and why they make the chocies that they do.
    After voting off Jesse I don’t think I will watch this show anymore.  What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!


  41. I am officially done with this show. I’m almost sure that its not goin to be as hot next yr. How could xtina vote Jesse off??? I don’t think anyone understands “HE WAS THE VOICE”!!!!!!!! Everyone loved him and knew his potential we thought she did too but I guess not! You were awesome Jesse no matter what anyone thinks you were the voice!

  42. I am very disappointed with the elimination of Jesse.  I will not watch the voice anymore this season.  Jesse was the best vocalist on that show.  There were good singers, but Jesse was sure to win this thing. I am really really disappointed !

  43. WTF Jesiie was great.  That is strike three on Christina, the first was that rapper kid over a great singer in the battle rounds….

  44. Eliminating JESSE was the right thing to do.   He’s just Javier 2.0…  and he was so obnoxious.  And pimping out his daughter on the HALO song.  UGG.  Also that song sounded like shit coming from him.

  45. I agree they were both talented and I did not understand why she had them face each other.  I do not know where her head is. The voice is confussing me.

  46. I was thinking the same thing. All I have to say is that Christina must not want to win!

  47. this show lost a tremendous amount of credibility when the very best singer of the competition was eliminated after one of his best performances. AWFUL!!!!

  48. Cristiana should feel stupid !!!!! For eliminating Jesse I hope u never come back on the voice next year if u do ill completely. Stop watching it what kind of coach are u to eliminate pure talent you should have some right sense in you but obviously you don’t! I hope they don’t bring u back next year and i hope u fail this voice ! You had the win in your palm of your hand with Jesse ! I absolutely fkn hate your gutts you bytch !

  49. That is IT! I do NOT need to watch this show any further. The show is called ‘The Voice’ and yet allowed that very strange artist Christine Aguilera to send home the very best voice of the series so far. Who does the show think they are kidding? Are we all stupid? Jesse . . .you made a mistake not joining the team of the first judge to turn around for you at the blind trials, Ce Lo!! Kama mate.

  50. I’m very upset with Christina’s decision to let Jesse go.  He was awesome.  I think it was an ego thing with Christina.  Something happened that perhaps Jesse didn’t follow Christina’s suggestion and she didn’t like it.  Unfortunate for Christina, the Fans and the Voice.  He was the Fan Favorite and BEST Singer this season.  He was probably Christina’s ONLY chance of winning, and her EGO got in the way.  My vote goes to Cee Los team now.

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