The Voice 2012 Live Season 3 Recap: Episode 11 – Battle Rounds Continue

The Voice season 3 battle rounds continue tonight on NBC. The Voice 2012 coaches Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will be back in action tonight trying to ‘steal’ the best singers for their teams. Who was eliminated on The Voice season 3 in this round, but was saved by the coaches with a steal? Who went home on The Voice 2012 in this round? Join us for our live recap of episode 11 as the battle rounds continue tonight!


This post contains The Voice 2012 season 3 spoilers from episode 11. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Last night on The Voice 2012 season 3, the coaches had their first chance to use the new ‘steal’ twist to save the best eliminated players from the battle rounds and add them to their teams. Coach Adam Levine won the best steal of the night when he snagged former Team CeeLo singer Amanda Brown. Everyone wanted her after she lost out in the duets to Trevin Hunte, but she decided Adam was her man to move forward with.

Tonight on The Voice season 3, more great singers will unfortunately be sent home as the contestants continue to go head to head. Thankfully this year, however, a few of the best ones will get a second chance after being eliminated. Once their original coach dumps them, the other coaches will have the chance to steal them. If no one wants them, however, they will have to go home knowing they were rejected twice in the same night. Ouch!

The first two singers up tonight are Cody Belew and DOMO from Team CeeLo Green performing “Telephone” by Lada Gaga.

Judges: Blake says both of them look great and have good stage presence. Christina says the song was more in DOMO’s comfort zone but liked that Cody kept fighting for it. CeeLo is unhappy because the singers were more worried about the production and choreography than being artists. In the end, he goes with the person he prefers best and keeps Cody.

Steal: Sadly for DOMO, no one decides to use the steal.

Now we have Aquile and Natalie Hernandez from Team Christina singing “You Give Me Something” by James Morrison.

Judges: CeeLo thought it was a sweet and perfect rendition of the song. Adam says he is shocked at Nathalie’s talent, but Aguile is more ready for the big time. Blake says it is amazing how good Nathalie is at her age. Christina decides to choose Aguile as the more mature singer of the two.

Steal: Nathalie is very good, but she’s also just 15. None of the other coaches decides she is there enough yet to steal her.

Next we have a couple of battle round duets fly by in brief with Celica Westbrook and Lisa Scinta from Team Christina, and Rudy Parris and Charlie Ray from Team Blake. Christina ends up choosing Celica to continue on. Blake picks Rudy. The steals are not used.

Our last singers up for the night are Caitlin Michele and Melanie Martinez from Team Adam performing “Lights” by Elle Goulding.

Judges: Blake says it is hard to decide between these two because they are both unique and he is not that good with “indie” artists. Christina says she thought the performance was the prettiest and both ladies were consistent. She can’t decide which she likes better. CeeLo says he also thinks both did well and was enchanted, but he prefers Melanie. Adam makes his decision and he has chosen to keep Melanie.

Steal: In the stea, Caitlin is lucky as both Blake and CeeLo push their buttons. She choose to sign on with Team CeeLo.

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    Cee Lo picked Cody over Domo. She was far too obnoxious personality-wise and I didn’t
    even like her voice. I think it just came down to which one of them was less
    annoying. My favorite performer from last night was definitely Melanie. I’m
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