The Voice 2012 Live Show Recap: Who Will Make the Top 16? (VIDEOS)

Last week on The Voice 2012 live performances, viewers watched contestants from Team Blake Shelton and Team Christina Aguilera battle it out for enough votes to make it through to the top 16. On Monday, contestants from Team Adam Levine and Team Cee Lo Green worked it hard to keep themselves out of the bottom this week and we have it all for you here in our The Voice 2012 recap for week 2 of the live performances.


Katrina Parker of Team Adam – “Tonight Tonight” by Smashing Pumpkins

With new extensions swinging around, Katrina Parker proved to be once again a decent performer on The Voice 2012 Monday night, but still didn’t manage to sound like a superstar in the making. Christina Aguilera thought Katrina was captivating, but the song needed more of a rock edge. Cee Lo said it was a good performance, but his praise was not lavish. Adam Levine was a bit more forgiving, naturally, and told Katrina she did what he told her to with her performance and thought she killed it.

Cheesa of Team Cee Lo – “Don’t Leave Me This Way” by Thelma Houston

I am going to have to rank this as one of the best performances of The Voice 2012 on Monday night, despite the fact that I am not really a Cheesa fan. Still, there was no denying that Cheesa really looked like she belonged on that stage tonight and sang the heck out of her song. Adam Levine and Blake Shelton both thought it was hot. Cee Lo Green, meanwhile, looked beside himself with self-satisfaction when he said the performance was electrifying and he was very proud of Cheesa.

Tony Lucca of Team Adam – “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel

I adore this Peter Gabriel song and I have to say I was not altogether pleased with Tony Lucca’s performance of it. I felt like he sounded decent on some parts, but struggled quite a bit with others. All in all, it was just another rather weak The Voice 2012 performance from him for me. Christina Aguilera seemed to agree with me on this one and said she thought Tony was just kind of one-dimensional and may not have anywhere to go from here. Adam Levine, of course, was gentler with his criticism of his team member and said he was proud of Tony’s performance.

Kim Yarbrough of Team Adam – “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele

I was not on board when Kim Yarbrough said she wanted to do Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep.” Way too many singers on various singing reality shows have been covering Adele and pretty much none of them sound very good doing it. I was relatively certain Kim was not going to pull off this song very well and when it was done I had not changed my mind. The Voice 2012 judges were more positive about the performance overall than I was, but they weren’t universally gushing about it either. Blake Shelton said the song was good and got better as it went along. Cee Lo Green said he loved Kim, even if he wasn’t sure he loved the song. Adam Levine admitted there were some parts he was worried about, but it was still really good even if it wasn’t perfect.

James Massone of Team Cee Lo – “Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones

James Massone is another The Voice 2012 contestant that I just can’t really connect with. He is okay, but I just don’t see him having that real ‘star’ quality about him. The girls screaming for him from the audience, however, seemed to strongly disagree with me. Blake Shelton got a laugh when he said he almost threw his panties on the stage because James was so hot. Christina Aquilera was a bit less fond of the performance, saying it was pitchy at times. Cee Lo Green loved it, he said, but thought James should have focused more on his voice and less on the ladies trying to crawl on the stage.

Juliet Simms of Team Cee Lo – “Roxanne” by The Police

On the whole, I am somewhat of a Juliet Simms fan, but I feel she’s had her ups and downs on The Voice 2012 so far. On Monday night, however, she really rocked it out and I think gave one of the best performances of the evening. Her take on “Roxanne” by the police was original, evocative and entertaining. The judges were all on board with her rendition of the song. Adam Levine said he was totally pissed off that he didn’t get her on his team and said it was the best performance of the night so far. Christina Aquilera thought Juliet’s voice was dope and she was totally into it. Cee Lo summed it up for me best by saying it was “just wow.”

Mathai of Team Adam – “Ordinary People” by John Legend

The judges seem to really like this performance but I personally wasn’t that fond of it. Then again, maybe it is just because I am not a fan of Mathai in general and even less of a fan of this song. Perhaps I can’t be unbiased about Mathai’s performances because for some reason I just don’t click with her or like her voice all that much. The judges, however, do appear to be fond of Mathai and gave her a lot of praise for her song on Monday night. Blake Shelton said he loved her voice and her confidence. Adam Levine called her magical and said she has one of the most unique voices on the show. I just don’t get her, but that’s okay, to each their own!

Tony Vincent of Team Cee Lo – “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” by Tears For Fears

Brand new father Tony Vincent seemed to struggle on The Voice 2012 live performances on Monday night. I love this song, but I really don’t think Tony did it justice at all. He was pitchy, off the beat and just couldn’t seem to keep his voice under control. Plus, there just was no emotive quality to the song at all. Blake Shelton noted that with so much going on around him on stage, it must have been hard for Tony to focus. Christina Aguilera thought the song was too restrictive for Tony’s voice. Cee Lo Green said he agreed that maybe there was too much production with the number and apologized for not focusing on showcasing Tony’s voice.

Karla Davis of Team Adam – “Airplanes” by B.o.B.

Karla Davis is another singer on The Voice 2012 that I’m just not that fond of, but I admit it is partially because I’m just not a fan of her type of country voice. Still, her performance of “Airplanes” was actually quite lovely on The Voice 2012 Monday night. There were some issues, but overall I thought it was a rather decent performance in comparison to a lot of the other contestants in the live performances. Christina Aguilera thought Karla was the biggest surprise of the night. Blake Shelton thought she did very well with the song she was given, even though there were some rough patches. Adam Levine agreed that while there were some nerves and problems, he loved the performance and also thought it was a great surprise of the night.

Erin Martin of Team Cee Lo – “Walk Like An Egyptian” by The Bangles

I may have to call this one as the worst performance of the night in my opinion. Erin Martin, in my opinion, started off with a bad song choice and her performance did nothing to save her from it. Plus, the entire production with the shirtless men and the chariot, etc. was just total cheese factor. The whole routine was boring and flat from beginning to end. I would most certainly be sending her home for this one. The judges seemed to be pretty consistent in their agreement that it was not a good night for Erin. Christina Aguilera though she should have brought it hardr and Cee Lo agreed that Erin neede to be more take charge.

Pip of Team Adam – “When You Were Young” by The Killers

Pip is actually one of my favorite boys on the show but I did not feel this was one of his best performances on The Voice 2012. The rock vibe didn’t really work for him on Monday night and Pip just did not have the edge the song needed to be authentic. The judges agreed that Pip needed to dig deeper and find some grit to pull off the performance better. Christina Aguilera thought Pip sounded too slick for the song and Adam Levine said he had hoped Pip would come across more dangerous and embody the intent of the song better.

Jamar Rogers (Team Cee Lo) – “Are You Gonna Go My Way” by Lenny Kravitz

Jamar Ragers is another The Voice 2012 contestant that is not on the top of my favorites list on The Voice 2012, but I have to say he was seriously good on Monday night. Doing a Lenny Kravitz song was probably just the perfect choice for Jamar and it was a great way to close out the night. Blake Shelton wasn’t that fond of the big production for the song, but thought the performance was great. Adam Levine thought Jamar was stellar and embodied what the whole show was about. Cee Lo Green also loved the song and thought Jamar killed it.

Find out who will end up going home on The Voice 2012 elimination results show on Tuesday night at 9 pm ET/PT on NBC.

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