The Voice 2012 Predictions: Will a Team Feud Determine the Winner?

On The Voice 2012 finale Tuesday night, the winner may not be determined by who gave the best performances this season, but rather by which side of a celebrity feud the majority of the voters are on. In the midst of a smack down between Team Adam Levine and Team Christina Aguilera, will The Voice 2012 winner actually be chosen based on who the voters think has the most talent? Or will The Voice predictions hinting the winner will be picked by which team they are on come true?

Even the most oblivious The Voice 2012 fan has probably noticed by now that team coach Christina Aguilera is not fond of former Mickey Mouse Club cohort Tony Lucca of Team Adam Levine. All season long she has been dissing him regularly with snarky comments in between lukewarm compliments. I can’t help but think something happened between those two way back when that Christina has just never gotten over…

On The Voice 2012 last night, Tony Lucca allegedly decided to respond to Christina Aguilera’s negative commentary throughout the season through a rendition of Jay-Z’s “99 Problems.” If you aren’t familiar with the song, the lyrics include the lovely phrase: “I got 99 problems but a b*tch ain’t one.” According to various gossip sources, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine had a quite a row about it prior to the performance because she was well aware the Tony Lucca “99 Problems” song was directed at her.


Tony Lucca 99 Problems video
During her commentary on the song, Christina Aguilera got quite nasty in an oh-so-polite way by pointing out how Tony Lucca’s “beautiful wife and your daughter and family are here tonight… and I just thought, you know, the lyrical connotation was a little derogatory towards women.” In other words, you should be ashamed of singing that in front of your family, douchebag and I am not a b*tch, so there! (Oh, and by the way, the kid was a BOY.)

Adam Levine, of course, had to snap back that the song was supposed to be “a metaphor,” prompting Christina Aguilera to slam back, “If that’s how you have to get points…” Showing off just how catty he can be, Adam Levine revealed his undershirt stenciled with glittery letters spelling out “Team Xtina.”

To finish off her snark for the evening, Christina Aguilera later complimented her final remaining team member, Chris Mann, by calling him “a real man, who respects women.”

In my previous The Voice 2012 predictions for who would walk home as The Voice 2012 winner Tuesday night, I had placed my bet on Juliet Simms from Team Cee Lo Green. However, if the voters are so entrenched in the feud between Tony Lucca, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera they decide they have to get involved, it could totally change the landscape of the votes.

So who will win The Voice 2012 tonight? With the fan polls almost evenly split between all four remaining contestants and the whole Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine team feud thrown into the mix, it is almost impossible to guess. If Tony Lucca does not win due to a big bump from the voters over this whole feud thing, I’m still going with my original The Voice 2012 prediction of Juliet Simms landing the win. Who do you think will win The Voice 2012? Let me know your opinion in our comments section below.

Join us here Tuesday night on for our The Voice 2012 live recap of the finale and find out who will be The Voice 2012 winner for season two!

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23 thoughts on “The Voice 2012 Predictions: Will a Team Feud Determine the Winner?”

  1. Don’t forget that Christina was also texting and looking down while Tony Lucca was giving his heartfelt thanks to all of the coaches.  Poor Chris Mann, getting caught in the middle of this.  

  2. I just feel that Christina was not professional last night. All the contestants have worked so hard and for her to act that way says alot about her as a person. She’s not as sweet as she looks.

  3. I don’t think Christina looks sweet at all, I have absolutely no respect for her.  The other three coaches were respectful and thoughtful in their critique of all the performers, except for Christina and her venomous rants against Tony Lucca – I voted for him….I think Chris Mann is fabulous as are Juliet Simms and Jermaine Paul, but my vote went to Tony – and a large part of that was to not have an Aguilera team member win….she should learn the art of being gracious….Shame on her!

  4. You are so right, she was so unprofessional texting while he was singing. she was downright disgusting.  I wish they would take her off the show.  I think and hope everyone will vote for Tony, the way she put him down on his last chance song to win was awful…

  5. I just started watching and really got hooked on this show…until last night’s ‘performance’ by Christina.  Her song was great but her attitude…..really rude.  She acted very unprofessional and I was embarrassed for her and felt bad for the other judges.   Take it backstage!

  6. Well at least tony got all the words right, unlike a certain “artist” at a superbowl performance……

  7. Cristina looked like “the town pump.  Ms. Thing needs to show a bit of modicom by keeping her titties off screen.  NBC, this is not a “wholesome” show for the entire family with Ms. Thing bursting out of her gown (last night it was both front and back – will she sue for the cameras getting that side and back shot that shows she must have about 30% body fat sticking through those plastic straps straining to keep her tucked in.  She is a mess…

  8. I lost all respect for her a few weeks ago when she dished on Tony. I thought that was so rude and disrespectful to Adam and Tony. I wanted Juliet to win but now I am leaning toward Tony. 

  9. Xtina complimented Tony — it was the song choice and lyrics she dissed, which ADAM selected due to ongoing issues he has with Xtina. Word: pre-show rehearsals and Levine was told by producers that choice was bad and use of b**(h unacceptable — he fought to keep it in.  But that is hardly getting any play. Also, if Xtina is so horrible why did she let America decide the finalist for her team–unlike Adam he skewed his vote toward his bromantic feelings otherwise Katrina would be the finalist, per America’s vote!

    PS: Once again when a woman is strong and doesn’t take crud from man she is a b—-h. Juliette “A Man’s World” remains appropo!

  10. I wish they would just get rid of Christina and she needs to go on a diet I think most everything about her is fake and voting off Jessie was stupid strongest player she had.

  11. I, myself, think she has a lil crush on Sir Chris….above & beyond that, I was taken back at best by her unnecessary sniping at Tony throughout the season.  I did not think there was any call for it, but parent forget that children learn by example…Take heed Miss Christina!!!!

  12.  I agree with you and hope the childish feud between Christina and Christina (not sure that Adam should even be thought to be part of that) doesn’t hurt the super talented Chris Mann.  The other three are still green and don’t have the projection that Mann possesses.

  13. Christina lacks class!! “tweetdarts” called it, she is rude and disrespectful. Her colors showed through when Justin Bieber went up to her and kissed her on the cheek, her failure to acknowledge him in return. The look on her face was utter contempt. It appears she is just jealous of others who are in the spotlight, when she is a “has been.” She can’t handle seeing new upcoming talent. It is obvious she has a problem with Adam Levine and his success, (see iTunes top download).

    Her job on the “Voice” is to watch and to give feedback, NOT TO BE TEXTING and DRINKING. Her lack of professionalism and failure to watch a contestant should not be tolerated by the shows EXEC’s.
    Fire the “BITCH”

  14. Christina was having 99 problems last night. I get that this is a “game” but don’t go so far to drag Tony’s family into it. What does she have against him and Adam anyway. Grow up Christina texting and drinking whatever is very unprofessional, yoou are supposed to be someone to look up to. GO ADAM & TONY LUCCA

  15. I hope everyone will vote on who has the best voice… Not who should win the drama battle….The show is called the voice. When voting on “the voice” I’d pick Juliet Simms. She has a unique voice that you don’t hear everyday. Who wants to hear the same voice over and over…. I sure don’t!

  16. I think CRISTINA must have read some of the responses from last night.Because tonight, No cleavage no attitude. What up?

  17. Putting all the drama aside Juliet should win. Like others have said this show is about a person with a great voice who deserves a record deal, not about pitying someone because they’re getting treated badly by a judge. I mean Christina is very unprofessional but voters should put that aside and look at talent.

  18. She came across as such a bitch. She’s a professional and a business women. She came across as anything but. Don’t know what her deal was with the guy, but taking out on him in such a public forum was crude and uncalled for.

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