The Voice 2012 Predictions: Who Will Make the Top 16? (VIDEO)

Last night on The Voice 2012, there were some truly fabulous performances, a few seriously dismal ones and a whole lot of mediocre going on. Making a The Voice 2012 prediction about who will be one of the four to go home on Tuesday night is not an easy thing with so many middle-of-the-road performances to choose from.

Out of the twelve The Voice 2012 contestants who performed last night, I have to admit there were only three who really stood out for me.

One of the strongest of the night was definitely Juliet Simms from Team Cee Lo Green. If by some crazy chance she should end up getting dissed by voters, there is no way she is going home. Also on Team Cee Lo, Jamar Rogers gave a stellar performance as well and is seriously unlikely to get the boot any time soon.

Over on Team Adam Levine, Mathai was one of the best performers of the night, although she did not stack up against Juliet or Jamar from Team Cee Lo in my opinion. I’m not a Mathai fan personally, but she seems to have the chops to make it through at least a few more rounds. As for the rest of Team Adam, there just really wasn’t anyone else who impressed me much this week.

So for my The Voice 2012 predicitions this week, I’m going to bet all of the above  will be safely through to the next round without having to sing for their lives in front of the judges.

As for who is going to be in the bottom, that prediction is a bit more difficult. There were a number of only so-so performances last night. While there are already some clear favorites on The Voice 2012 so far, the middle of the pack is still changing out on a weekly basis, making it hard to figure out who will be facing elimination.

I actually liked Cheesa last night on Team Cee Lo, but I think she just may have worn out her welcome with the voters. The other Team Cee Lo member likely going home is probably Erin Martin. Although I have something of a fondness for Erin, her “Walk Like an Egyptian” was terrible on Monday night (although part of that was the whole over-the-top production of the number) and she just doesn’t exude that whole star quality.

For Team Adam, I am pretty certain country singer Karla Davis is going to end up in the bottom after her failure to get out of the box with “Airplanes” on Monday night. Plus, Karla just hasn’t been the most spectacular of performers all season so far. As for the other Team Adam contestant going home, I am having a more difficult time calling that one.

Pip wasn’t all that successful last night with his performance but he’s well liked. Ditto for Tony, who I think will get a pass through to the next round as well. I’m going to guess it will not be Katrina who gets thrown out because Adam would save her if she is in the bottom, but it will it could be the other ‘K’ girl, Kim, who just did not live up to the challenge of choosing to sing an Adele song. Lesson here people, leave Adele alone… you just don’t want to go there right when she is at the height of her popularity. You can’t avoid a comparison that is just going to make you look like a fail in contrast.

So, my The Voice 2012 elimination results predictions for this week are: Erin Martin, Karla Davis and (with less confidence) Cheesa and Kim.

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