The Voice 2012 Predictions: Who Will Win the Final Showdown?

Who will we say won The Voice 2012 after it is all over? Well, we have our The Voice 2012 predictions for who will be taking home the top prize tonight. Read on to find out our prediction for The Voice 2012 winner and share yours with us!

Let’s evaluate each of the remaining top 4 contestants in our personal ranking going into Monday night’s The Voice 2012 finale and see if our The Voice 2012 predictions for who will end up on top hold out!

4. Jermaine Paul (Team Blake Shelton) — I actually really love this guy’s voice and I think he is a better singer than Tony Lucca personally. However, he has never had a really rabid fan base and he’s never really had a super wow moment on The Voice 2012. I think he stands virtually no chance of being The Voice 2012 winner unfortunately.

3. Tony Lucca (Team Adam Levine) — I don’t see Tony winning this thing despite some polls showing him in the lead and a lot of social media buzz. His song choices throughout the season, except for the Britney spears tune, have been kind of boring and he would not have made the finals without Adam Levine’s backing. Let’s face it, he was a member of the Micky Mouse Club for four years right alongside Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and a host of others and he’s already made six EPs and an album. If he hasn’t gotten a break by now, he maybe just isn’t superstar material.

2. Chris Mann (Team Christina Aguilera) — There is no doubt that Chris Mann has a spectacular voice but his opera background will probably keep him from the top spot in The Voice 2012 finale. While he may be a great opera singer, he has already said he doesn’t want to ‘shrink’ his voice just to be a pop star. So he’s pretty much given the middle finger to the whole pop music superstar thing already and it kind of shows.

1. Juliet Simms (Team Cee Lo Green) — I’d kind of love to see Juliet Simms win because she’s just so very different from the usual winners of these singing reality shows. She is quirky, unique and a real rocker chick. Her iTunes songs have gotten great downloads and she had strong voter support last week. Plus, she’s gotten strong ranking in fan polls as the possible The Voice 2012 winner. My bet is on Juliet Simms for the win and I will be sad if it doesn’t happen.

Who do you think will win The Voice 2012? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below and join us here at on Monday night for our The Voice 2012 live recap of the finale!

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37 thoughts on “The Voice 2012 Predictions: Who Will Win the Final Showdown?”

  1. Juliet should win if talent and uniqueness have any weight in this contest. Chris Mann is no opera singer. If his voice was good enough for opera, that is what he would be doing – not competing on a reality show which has a pop/rock audience. He is often off key when he tries to hit the big notes and even when he doesn’t. Tony should be number 2.

  2. I am betting on jermaine paul, he is truly a great singer and has proved himself.

  3. I want to like Juliette but I just don’t think she’s consistently good! Can’t vote for her.

  4. i want tony to win it all. i like juliet’s voice but she kind of creeps me out too with all her theatrics, not a fan

  5. I want Juliet Simms to win because she is just so good and a lot better then the other contestants and Tony Luca is good but not as good as Juliet Simms

  6. you are the craziest person on the planet. this girl is the only one CONSISTENT and amazing every single week! she’s never missed a single note

  7. sorry she has been very consistient and explodes when she performs she is my top pick

  8. i agree with the poster above that WANTS to like juliet but just doesn’t. i liked jamar a lot better and juliet’s screechy performance made me turn down my TV, will be sad if she comes out on top. 

  9. Tony Lucca!! I love him but I would like to see him win to piss off Christina ifnothing else!!

  10. Looks bad for Juliet on I tunes.
    She is the real Star though! Unique!
    I hope she wins !

  11. I’m hoping Jamar should win.  As for Juliet, I really don’t like her voice, she sounds like she whines imo. Plus, I bet 3/4 of her votes came from her boyfriends obsessive fans anyway. -_-

  12. I like Tony and I DON’T like the way Christina treated him from the beginning. He is the most talented all around because he sings, dances and plays the guitar very well. 

    Second would be Juliet

  13. If Juliet wins this, I will not be watching next year. I agree with you about Chris Mann, though. I will be satisfied with either Jermaine or Tony.

  14. Xtina is a pudgy, mean-spririted witch… they need a better mentor to replace her… Xtina has over stayed her welcome IMHO.

  15. I believe that Juliet Simms should be the winner…and I hope they make some judge changes for next year and boot out Christina Aguilera …her actions over the course of the show this year have been less than professional…

  16. What’s the problem with Juliet? She is so talented and very unique. My issues with all the guys is that they are not unusual. Many people sound just like them.

  17. What’s with Christina Aguilera? She was so nasty to Tony last night. I think it’s time for her to go. And by the way,  if she thought Tony was being disrespectful to women, she should have looked in the mirror before coming out in that slutty dress for her duet.

  18. Jamar Rogers was soooooo good! I can’t believe they passed on him.  I’d take anyone of the top 3 other than Tony Lucca who isn’t really the best “voice” by a long shot.

  19. i really want chris mann to win not many singers can bring me to tears and he did and if you check out chris mann’s youtube channel you will get to hear him do hiphop ish song like heartless and tons of others songs that cover a great range i love him so much but i put my bet on juliet shes amazing and really unique! 🙂 i luv chris “my” mann

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