The Voice 2012 season 3 auditions continue tonight with another round of fabulous performances. The Voice season 3 judges Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green have already filled up half their teams, so the competition for the remaining spots is just going to get tougher from here. Join us now for our The Voice 2012 recap of round 6 of the season 3 blind auditions!


This post contains The Voice 2012 spoilers for season 3, episode 6. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Going into The Voice 2012 auditions continuing tonight for season 3, judges Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green have the most contestants lined up for their teams with 11 each. Country star Blake Shelton is trailing the pack with only 7 singers in his team so far. Here’s The Voice 2012 season 3 teams lineup so far:

Team Adam Levine: Loren Allred, Bryan Keith, Samuel Mouton, Benji, Joe Kirkland, Nicole Nelson, Adanna Duru, Melanie Martinez, Brian Scartocci, Alessandra Guercio, Colin McLoughlin (Total: 11)

Team Cee Lo Green: J. R. Aquino, Emily Earle, Ben Taub, MacKenzie Bourg, Trevin Hunte, Mycle Wastman, Nicolas David, Todd Kessler, Avery Wilson, DOMO, Daniel Rosa (Total: 11)

Team Christina Aguilera: Aquile, Adriana Louise, Joselyn River, Beat Frequency, MarissaAnn, Lisa Scinta, De’Borah, Nelly’s Echo, Devyn DeLoera, Paulina (Total: 10)

Team Blake Shelton: 2Steel Girls, Gracia Harrison, Julio Cesar Castillo, Terry McDermott, Kelly Crapa, Casey Muessigmann, Liz Davis (Total: 7)

Will country star Blake Shelton finally be able to catch up to the other The Voice 2012 judges tonight? Or will he continue to be passed over by most everyone except the hardcore country singers in favor of the more mainstream mentors? Let’s find out as our The Voice season 3 auditions recap for episode 6 starts now!

The Voice 2012 auditions tonight begin with Michelle Brooks-Thompson. She moved to St. Louis for her husband to play football, but he didn’t make the team and he lost out on his dream. Michelle is hoping history doesn’t not repeat itself with her and crush her dream as well. She performs “Proud Mary” and has Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine spinning in seconds, Christina Aguilera follows soon after.

Judges: Adam gives Michelle a standing ovation and loved her groove. He says she was incredible. Christina says she was waiting for a mistake, but there wasn’t a flaw in that performance. Blake says he feels stupid for not pushing his button. Cee Lo says he loved her fresh rendition of the song and would love to work with her. Michelle decides she is going to go with Team Adam.

Next up is Diego Val, who spent years in the hospital when he was younger. Now he sings for sick kids. Diego performs “Animal” and manages to get Cee Lo Green to turn around.

Judges: Cee Lo says it was a great performance of the song. Adam says he didn’t spin because he thought Diego should be with Cee Lo. Christina is also impressed by the performance. Diego is on Cee Lo’s team by default.

Now we have Lauren Brooke, who has been singing since she was a shy, dyslexic ten-year-old. Lauren performs “Cowboy Casanova” but sadly none of the judges turn around for her. She wasn’t really all that great and she was off key in places.

Judges: Cee Lo says she did a good job. Adam says it was pitchy but she has good points. Blake also says she was too pitchy for him to turn around. Christina says she is special but needs more experience.

Music teacher Suzanna Choffel is the next to take the stage. Now, music teachers usually do NOT do well on reality TV singing competitions. Suzanna wants to show her students that you can follow your dreams. She performs “Afraid of Changes” and thankfully it is lovely. She gets both  Adam and Blake to turn around for her.

Judges: Cee Lo says he could tell it was a real woman singing. Christina thinks it was subtle and beautiful. Adam says it was refreshing and unique. Blake says it was very good and he wants to help her to achieve her dream. Suzanna decides to join Team Blake.

Team Blake also picks up Michaela Paige and Ryan Jirovec for his team, shown in brief auditions. Poor Blake is finally catching up to the other coaches.

Dez Duron is a return visitor to The Voice. Last time he failed to get any of the judges to turn around for him, but Christina had said she regretted not hitting her button. Dez performs “Sara Smile” and this time he has no trouble getting the judges to spin with Blake, Christina and Cee Lo hitting their buttons.

Judges: Cee Lo remembers him from last time around and he thinks the performance was great. Christina says she was too late last year but this time she got it.She loves his soul voice and he should pick her team. Cee Lo says he loves the soulfulness of his voice as well. Blake says ‘man to man’ that Dez is a hottie! Dez picks Christina as his coach.

VJ is another music teacher who teaches at the Silver Lake Conservatory. He wants to move on from just being a teacher to being a real performer. He performs “Forget You” but does not get any of the judges to turn. He is not really great.

Judges: Blake says he thought the song just didn’t suit his voice at all, it was odd. Christina says the song was too big for him. Cee Lo says he has great taste in music, of course and VJ says he sang the song because he loves Cee Lo. Awwwh. In a very bittersweet moment, Cee Lo goes up on stage to sing with VJ.

Alexis Marceaux has been writing music since she was 13. She is a New Orleans native, but had to leave because of Hurricane Katrina. She says music was her therapy going through that hard time. Alexis performs “Go Your Own Way” and she has Cee Lo Green spinning his chair.

Judges: Cee Lo says her voice is wonderful and she has great control. Christina says she thought there was a bit of a country vibe. Adam is pleased she got through and thinks she is a great fit for Cee Lo. Alexis is on Cee Lo’s team by default.

Next we have some more brief audition results with Sam Jones joining Team Adam, Laura Vivas joining Team Christina and Lielia Broussard joining Team Blake.

Now up on stage is Brandon Mahone, who hopes his classical background will move the judges. He sings “I Wish It Would Rain” and he spins Adam, Cee Lo and Christina.

Judges: Christina says it was just smooth and soulful. She can’t believe he is just 17 and there was so much emotion in the song. Cee Lo says he had to push his button so he could watch Brandon perform the rest of the song and it was great. Adam says he is a real soul singer and it was very cool. Brandon goes with Team Adam.

Jeffrey James is working two jobs and getting on The Voice would change his life forever. Music is his passion and what he wants to do with his life. Jeffrey performs “A Little Less Conversation” and it isn’t bad, but it just doesn’t have enough oomph to spin the judges.

Judges: Adam says he thought he was interesting and unique. Blake says he thought he came into a cool tone too late in the song. Christina says she thought he was talented and did a good job.

Former Disney singer Jordan Pruitt put out her first album when she was 10 and had a career as a teen pop performer. However, now she wants to have an adult career. She sings “The One That Got Away” and Christina is all over it.

Judges: Christina says she has been waiting for her and it was a great performance. Adam congratulates Jordan for getting Christina’s team. Cee Lo says Jordan has a great coach. Jordan is on Team Christina.

Our final performer for the evening is Terisa Griffin, who used to be homeless and lived in her car. She has never quit dreaming though. She sings “Someone Like You” and snags both Blake and Christina.

Judges: Christina says she could hear the nerves in her voice, but she soared on the chorus. Blake says he thought she was awesome and he had to hit his button. Terisa decides to go with Team Blake.

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