The Voice 2012 Season 3 Episode 9: The Best of the Blind Auditions

The Voice 2012 season 3 auditions wrapped up Monday night, but the next stage of the competition won’t kick off until next week. During tonight’s The Voice 2012 time slot, viewers will instead have the chance to catch up on a recap of the best of The Voice season 3 blind auditions.

While personally I’d just rather get on with The Voice season 3 battle rounds and see the new ‘stealing’ twist in action, having a recap episode is probably not such a bad idea. The Voice 2012 auditions for season 3 just went on, and on, and on this year. At this point most of the people who auditioned in the first week or so have already faded from my memory. Having a refresher before we go into the next phase is a nice reminder of who I want to be rooting for as the real competition gets underway.

Of course, you could always just go to The Voice YouTube channel and watch all the auditions there. So unless NBC plans on adding in some previously unseen footage during tonight’s recap, this episode could be kind of boring and redundant. Let’s hope they’ll thrown in a bit of new footage here and there to spice it up. We will at least get the chance to see what host Carson Daly and the coaches have to say about the auditions and their new teams.

The Voice 2012 season 3 preview of what’s coming up next in the competition:

Here’s the lineup of each of the teams going into the battle rounds next week:

Team Adam Levine:

Bryan Keith
Joe Kirkland
Samuel Mouton
Loren Allred
Nicole Nelson
Melanie Martinez
Brian Scartooci
Alessandra Guercio
Adanna Duru
Collin McLoughlin
Michelle Brooks-Thompson
Same James
Brandon Mahone
Caitlin Michele
Kayla Nevarez

Team Blake Shelton:

Terry McDermott
Graciaa Harrison
Casey Muessignamm
Julio Cesar Castillo
2Steel Girls
Liz Davis
Kelly Crapa
Sussana Choffel
Michaela Paige
Ryan Jirovec
Lelia Broussard
Terisa Griffin
Charlie Rey
Cassadee Pope
Nicole Johnson
Rudy Parris

Team Cee Lo Green:

Daniel Rosa
Trevin Hunte
MacKenzie Bourg
JR Aquino
Nicholas David
Avery Wilson
Mycle Wastman
Emily Earle
Ben Taub
Diego Val
Alexis Marceaux
Todd Kessler
Amanda Brown
Cody Belew

Team Christina Aguilera:

Devyn DeLoera
Adriana Louise
Nelly’s Echo
Lisa Scinto
Beat Frequency
Roslyn Rivera
Dez Duron
Jordan Pruitt
Laura Vivas
Sylvia Yacoub
Nathalie Hernandez
Celica Westbrook

Who are your favorites from each of the teams going into The Voice 2012 season 3 battle rounds? Personally I’m strongly rooting for Bryan Keith, Cassadee Pope, Nicole Nelson, Adrianna Louise, De’borah and Melanie Martinez. Honestly though, there are so many fabulous talents this year that it is hard to even narrow it down that far. It’s going to be sad to watch any of these singers go home this year. Well, except maybe Beat Frequency. I still can’t figure out what Christina Aguilera was thinking when she hit her button for that duo…

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