The Voice 2012 Season 3 Live Recap – The Top 12 Perform (VIDEO)

The Voice season 3 live shows continue Monday night with the top 12 performing only for America’s votes for the first time. The Voice 2012 judges Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera will have absolutely no say this time about who is eliminated and who moves on to the next round. Who wins through to the next round and who is eliminated on The Voice this week will be entirely up to you! Will your favorites shine tonight and keep your favor and your votes? Join us for our The Voice season 3 recap and watch the live performances here with us!


This post contains The Voice season 3 spoilers from the top 12 live performances show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Last week on The Voice elimination results show, fans of De’Borah from Team Christina and MacKenzie Bourg from Team Cee Lo seemed especially shocked when the former favorites were rather unexpectedly eliminated. Neither singer managed to garner enough viewer votes for an automatic pass to The Voice season 3 top 12 and they did not manage to win a save from their coaches either. De’Borah being eliminated came across as quite a shock to many fans and The Voice 2012 fan site bloggers. She had previously been a heavy favorite for many to make the top 5 at least. Quite a few De’Borah fans really thought she deserved to move on far more than Adriana Louise, who had a weak performance last week but was given a save by team coach Christina Aguilera anyway.

Maybe the voters thought De’Borah was so good she wouldn’t need their votes and dialed in their support for their other favorite contestants. Or maybe all the praise De’Borah received from the judges wasn’t really reflective of what the mass public thought of her talent. This is what happens on these talent reality shows when you start handing over the choices to the voters. Any fan of virtually any talent-based reality TV show can tell you that what the judges like isn’t always the same as what the voters like. In many cases, those who seem like they are flying on top of the world come crashing down hard once the voters get involved in the selection process.

This week on The Voice season 3, the voters will decide the fate of ALL the contestants, not just the majority of them. Unlike last week, The Voice 2012 coaches will have no ability to save anyone on their teams in this round. Whoever the voters decide to send home will be eliminated. Thus, no one can get pissy at the judges this week for not ‘saving’ anyone they didn’t bother to vote for because they were too busy or gave their votes to someone else. So be sure to vote early and vote often for your favorites!

Here’s the lineup for the The Voice top 12 going into the performance show Monday night:

  • Team Adam Levine: Amanda Brown, Bryan Keith and Melanie Martinez
  • Team Cee Lo Green: Trevin Hunte, Cody Belew and Nicholas David
  • Team Christina Aguilera: Dez Devon, Adriana Louise and Sylvia Yacoub
  • Team Blake Shelton: Terry McDermott, Nicholas David and Cassadee Pope

Join us here for our live The Voice season 3 recap of the top 12 performance right here at 8PM ET. Meanwhile, hop on down to the comments section below and tell us who your favorites are of The Voice 2012 top 12!

RECAP: The top 12 will be performing tonight for only the viewer votes for the first time. The voters will have complete control over who goes home on The Voice elimination results show tomorrow night.

Michaela Paige (Team Blake) – “Blow Me One Last Kiss” by Pink

Judges: Christina says she always enjoys Michaela and she has become a favorite for her. Her voice is full of energy and bold. Cee Lo says Michaela is also one of his favorites because she works the stage like a pro and performs effortlessly. Great job. Adam says it was very cool how she came up the stage and she was elegant. Blake says his heart is pounding after that performance. He has no doubt about her as an artist who really listens and takes his advice and then translates it to the stage.

Dez Duron (Team Christina) – “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” by Lauren Hill

Judges: Cee Lo says he thought the performance was perfect. Dez has so much natural sex appeal and great vocal control. Adam says it was a really cool performance. Dez found a style that really suited him. Blake says he loved the song choice and he really liked how Dez made it current. Christina says how can anyone not love this guy with a heart of gold. He is such a genuine sweetheart. He has charisma and star quality.

Adrianna Louise (Team Christina) – “Good Girl” by Carrie Underwood

Judges: Cee Lo says she looks great and sounds great as always and had conviction and is really committed to what she sings. Adam says she did a great job but some of the high parts seemed a bit rough. Blake is really happy Adriana did a country song and made it her own. He says he has always been a fan. He thought it was great. Christina says Adriana has been singing some really difficult songs that not everyone can do. (Justifying herself for saving Adriana instead of De’Borah?)

Cody Belew (Team Cee Lo) – “The Best” by Tina Turner

Judges: Adam says he owned the stage and sounded great. Blake Shelton agrees totally. Christina says she would like to see Cody doing even more up tempo songs so she can see him taking over the stage. Cee Lo says he loves that Cody is so free and he hasn’t let the whole thing make him cold or callous.

Amanda Brown (Team Adam) – “Spectrum” by Florence + the Machine

Judges: Blake says he is still really freaking out over how amazing her performance was last week. He says it is always great when she performs.Christina says Amanda has a great voice but she still wants to know who she is because she keeps doing different styles. Cee Lo says she projects better when she is free to move around the stage (rather than being stuck on a pedestal). He loves her though. Adam says the performance tonight was not perfect, but it was a very ambitious song and she could go on to win this thing.

Bryan Keith (Team Adam) – “Back to Black” by Amy Winehouse

Judges: Blake says he took the lead spot for Team Adam with this performance. He was really solid and very good. Christina also says he was very good, cool and modern. He’s also a really nice guy. Cee Lo says he knew there was something special about this guy from the start. Great job. Adam says Bryan had his moment tonight–his voice is a collection of moments. He really showed everyone how great he is tonight.

Cassadee Pope – “Behind These Hazel Eyes” by IKelly Clarkson

Judges: Christina says it was her favorite performance from Cassadee so far. She could hear her heart and she connected with her. Cee Lo says her voice is sincere and she sounds like someone who really wants to win this. Adam says he got a glimpse into her soulfulness and it was great. Blake says there is something about her and she deserves congratulations. She has this thing people just love and he is one of those people.

Trevin Hunte – “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge

Judges: Adam says it is hard to find anything to say after that kind of performance. IF he was not here, it would just be a travesty. He is magical. Blake says he did everything they could want from him. It was blood, guts and glory. Christina thanks Trevin for his performance and says she loves him and she loves his raspy voice. Cee Lo says he encourages his listeners to be optimistic and he is a miracle to listen to. He is humbled by Trevin’s voice.

Melanie Martinez (Team Adam) – “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant

Judges: Blake says he can’t believe how much she projected and she has a unique and wonderful voice. Christina says this was her most emotional performance and she liked that it wasn’t over the top. Adam says this is what makes her so special. She has something that is all her own. There is only one Melanie and she is spectacular.

Nicholas David (Team Cee Lo) – “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis

Judges: Adam says Nicholas is just so strange and beautiful. It is awesome. He loves that song and he has fun every time he watches Nicholas on stage. Blake says he loves Nicholas and every time it is like the first time again. Cee Lo says there is no greater success than the realization of yourself. Nicholas is genuine and stuff. (I tend to lose track a bit when Cee Lo gets philosophical…)

Sylvia Yacoub (Team Christina) – “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion

Judges: Cee Lo says this was really great and he is very proud of her for getting over her nerves. Adam says this was not even a song, it was a moment. Very ambitious and she did a good job. Christina says she is so proud of her. She has a richness to her tone and she made the song her own.

Terry McDermott (Team Blake) – “More Than a Feeling” by Boston

Judges: Cee Lo says it was damn good and he showed off his falsetto. He also likes his haircut. Adam says he doesn’t even know if people get how good this guy is. Holy crap that was good. Blake says congrats and oh my good he really is one of those special guys. Ladies and gentlemen say hi to the newest gift to rock and roll!

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